Biggest Branch in the Philippines: J.CO Donuts and Coffee Eastwood City!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

I love donuts! Obviously I do! But on this neighborhood of mine there's one place I often pass by that I don't really get. That place is J.CO Donuts and Coffee! I don't understand why there were long lines. I don't understand why people were so drawn to their donuts. Is it really that good? Well, my questions were answered when we were invited to the BIGGEST branch in the Philippines right here at the heart of my turf! It's the formal opening of J.CO Donuts and Coffee Eastwood City!

Executives of J. Co Donuts and Coffee Philippines Mr. Edgar Sia, Vice Chairman of J.Co,CFI; Mr. Kevin Tan, (son of Andrew Tan) is the Vice President for Megaworld's Commercial Division, Mr. Johnny Andrean the Founder of J.CO Donuts and Coffee Worldwide and Mr. Carlos Chan Chairman, CFI

It was also attended by Executives from J. Co Philippines, their guests, people from the media and the blogging industry. To make the day extra fun, they got the one and only good looking guy on RX 93.1 Gino Quillamor to host the event. He really loves em donuts! =)

 I wonder if they had a Red Velvet variant, I know! (he can't help it when it's that!) =)

 The founder of J.CO Donuts and Coffee himself Johnny Andrean went to the stage and said some inspiring words to the owners and staff of this establishment. He's a very humble guy and he's quite impressed that the Philippines has a very large following too of this brand. He didn't know it would grow this big coming from the first branch he put up in Jakarta, Indonesia years ago. He knows there are still some complaints that they have been receiving from some parts of the country and said that they will put up more branches on major establishments soon. They will also be venturing in some provinces so the rest of the Pinoy's can actually taste the delectable, wonderful donuts J.CO is known for!

Speaking of donuts, this is my first time to get a taste of it. They made my experience extra special by letting me make my own donuts! Yeah you heard that right, so I suited up and put my apron and gloves on then got these oh so nice treats a try.

We were tasked to make 3 kinds of donuts and just look at these gorgeous golden brown rings and puffs laid on the racks. I can eat this plain but of course we had to put something on it. :)

So we had to dip these donuts into oreo crumbs, white chocolate, cream and an avocado concoction that is only made on their store!

They also had me make my own drink would you believe? ^_^ I felt like a real deal Barista! This is coffee with Avocado on it. It might sound weird at first but mind you when I took a sip... I LOVED IT!

So what happened to the donuts I made? Here they are! =)

And oh, this is the first time I've ever tasted J.CO. The verdict? Now I know why people are lining up on their stores. Now I know why people are taking home dozens and dozens of these lovely donuts because #1 it's not too sweet, #2 you really know the ingredients are fresh and hasn't been standing on racks for hours #3 it's because of their signature donut  the Al Capone and #4 J.CO will give some of the other international brands a run for their money. They've got some of the best donuts in town and believe me, those lines outside their store, and the throng of people waiting wouldn't want to do that if this weren't good. My first taste got me going, I'm sure I'll have more of it this year and beyond! :)


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Wow! Malakas na competitor ng Krispy Kreme? :)