The Winners for Multiply Origination Awards

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Multiply has just announced the winners for the Multiply Origination Awards. It's the call to be a business standout and that is exactly what the finalists did for this year. It's been a tough one for these guys and the criteria has been very strict, all these guys deserve to be the best but who do you think deserve it more?

Manila Sole

Manila Sole wins the Most Original Fashion Forward Category. With their undying love for nature, these dudes and dudettes from Manila Sole makes ecologically friendly footwear. Made from recycled rubber tires or other natural materials, they strive to make each intricately designed shoe environment friendly. It's just one of the reasons why these guys won. You should visit their store to find out more! Click MANILA SOLE

Mommy Patch2

Most Original Mommy Management Idea: THE MOMMY PATCH ANTI-MOSQUITO RESCUE STICKS : Mosquitoes bring in so many diseases and it's one of the things Mom's never want to have for their babies. These rescue sticks give that extra umph that you need in order to repel these bad bloodsuckers but still have that fresh smell you love from your kids. I bet her own experience got her to think about this ingenious product, congratulations and check out why she won in the Multiply Origination Awards! Click: THE MOMMY PATCH ANTI-MOSQUITO RESCUE STICKS 


Most Original Gourmand Idea: Talleres de Nazaret PINEAPPLE VINEGAR - Imagine the sweet tangy flavor of pineapple made into vinegar and you've got something better than the usual chemical based ones or aged vinegars that have been in existence in our groceries. These ladies made sure you get to taste their great Pineapple Vinegar right in the comforts of your home because just like any merchant in Multiply, they deliver! Natural ingredients and original ideas made this win as the best Gourmand Idea this year! Check out here why! Click  Talleres de Nazaret PINEAPPLE VINEGAR

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