Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2013!

Friday, February 08, 2013

What does make a song a huge hit?

Well for starters, it's got to be a union between the song writer, arranger, producer and the singer. Now how do you know the song is great? You gotta have the proper venue to show it. That's were the Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs competition comes in.

It's 2013 and it's time to discover more talents, so when this songwriting competition called in entries... a total of about 2,500 people from all over the Philippines and other countries that have Pinoys sent their songs; and by golly wow it was really a huge turnout. We were able to see the finalists a few days ago and judging from the ones who got in, it looks promising.


The ones interpreting the songs are really good. One of my favorite artists Juris Fernandez is going to sing "Hanggang Wakas" which is my favorite. It's quite nostalgic, very sad but optimistic. I love her!

If you want to see the other artists, here's a whole playlist. Check this out!

The whole thing including judging was done blindly so you are sure you're getting only the best of the best Pinoy Pop music.

I think this girl was the niece of Nora Aunor, daughter of Lala Aunor and her name is Marion. She's pretty good too.

Good looking kid who composed and created this song is Wynn Andrada. He's taller than me I think and I'm already 5'11. He looks much like David Archuleta no? Wish him luck!

Bugoy Drilon is so focused on this competition. I even saw him asking his friends and management to vote for his song. He even sang a bit. I like his entry "Pwede bang ako na lang ulit" which was written by Jeffrey Cifra. Yes they have votation on texts but I heard they changed the mechanics. You can opt to just buy the album and put your votes on drop boxes that are located in record bars nationwide!

Whoever wins, we'll have more songs on the radio. All you need to do is buy their albums once it comes out. After all, OPM is not dead imho!

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