Georgina Wilson for Bench Celebrity Scents: Oh My George! and XOXO

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You love her... you adore her... you want to be with her... you want to smell her. You can never believe how it felt to be right there, when Georgina Wilson launched her very own BENCH celebrity scent at Mall of Asia atrium last weekend. Shall we start? :)

The stage was cute, it had hearts, polkadots and of red shade which is reminiscent of a 60's scene. Then these guys came out to dance a swing-burlesque number!

They were all sultry and sexy just like the new perfume. It was like a scene out of a movie with Dita Von Teese as the star. This time, we don't have to go out of the country, because we have something even better. Yes she's gorgeous, she's lovely and she's all you want. Here's Georgina Wilson!

The sweet, grassy and more floral tones of this awesome new fragrance will be now available at all BENCH stores. She's got the deo cologne and eau de toilette so for those who want to smell intensely irresistable to men, you can grab one now!

Really pretty, my friends from outside the country even commented that she looks like Miranda Kerr. Isn't she just gorgeous?? :)

Then, Georgina Wilson grabbed her lipstick and wrote her favorite lines XOXO George on these mirror panes then... a fashion show ensued! Now this is HOT!

All the girls were clad in this sultry black intimate wear and sexy fish net stockings. I'm loving every bit of it. Especially because my favorite model is there. Who is she?

She's Jasmine Maierhoffer ^_^ Isn't she just pretty?

Then they began spraying us with Oh My George! It had that hint of girly, grassy fragrance men would absolutely go crazy about. I almost mistook it for Escada, for real. Without the hefty price tag!

Then the ladies made a fab number again. It was catchy and amusing. Like burlesque. =)

Then the men came in. All shiny and tall, clad with their sculptured physique. Opening for the guys was Vince Ferraren. This is the first time I'm shooting him on the runway.

That's John Spainhour. =)

This one's Mark McMahon :)

I think I've shot this guy somewhere before. For a different brand. His eyes speak no?
This one's Sam Ajdani. He's a good guy when I got in touch with him on Twitter. He liked my shots, I hope he likes this set :)

Woo it's one of the Semerad brothers. Where's the other one? =)

Oh here he is! :) We almost couldn't tell who's Anthony and who's David but who cares when they're both equally gorgeous too huh? :)

Gorgeous men flanked by a gorgeous lady who's also got two gorgeous scents. How can you not love someone like Georgina Wilson? Congratulations Georgina! It's so awesome to have you as a part of the BENCH Family!
Of course, Borgy Manotoc was there to support THE girlfriend. They were so sweet to see. :)

Ms Gloria Diaz was in the audience together with executives of Bench and Mr. Ben Chan (not in photos because he was hands on talking to people :) ) were all there to support her! =)
In the last bit, Georgina took time to thank everyone who came to the show. She's now a proud part of the Bench Family that has her own fragrance. It's about time we get a taste of Oh My George! and XOXO. So please indulge yourself by visiting BENCH stores nationwide and grab one of these bottles. Ladies, it's high time you get that man and this would just turn your efforts a little easier. I'm sure they'll love you smelling like her too! =)



christian edward paul dee said...

ooohhh... boys boys boys... I want more...John love...hihihi... I love the twins too

zaizai salonga said...

thanks to Bench, I now will now not only look like Georgina, I can smell like her too :)

and yes, the boys! :)