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Friday, March 01, 2013

It takes a whole lot of time to get interested in one TV program but if you have the perfect story, the perfect actors and actresses to play the role, and the public finds your execution interesting enough that they fantasize about the lead protagonists because when they seem to fall in love with each other, you feel it, you even get "kilig" each time they meet, touch or woo each other. Aww I know you guys are waiting for this so I'm not going to delay this anymore!

You might not recognize them here because they look so pretty and made up. They are the famous Doris and Sabel who play the quirky helpers in the show. They said they felt so much of a celebrity and couldn't believe how much photographed they were on this day. They also said they were so blessed to have been able to work with Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap which in your vocabulary is Maya and Sir Chief. =) It wasn't so hard for them to get along with the cast and they are so excited the whole team will be going on a world tour. Rosario "Tart" Carlos who plays Doris and Vivieka Ravanes who plays Sabel are so proud about the success of their show. Vivieka said she wants to roam around Japan which she has been really looking forward to; because it has been her dream since she started working in the entertainment industry. It's all falling into place. They are really excited to see people who love their show and all the places they'll be in pretty soon. =)

Here are some more photos!

Cute and bubbly Mutya Orquia plays the role of Abigail Ruth "Abby" Lim. She said she's so proud to be in this program and says she's happy that she doesn't have to play someone who has fins again. But even so it's okay for her if they want her to play someone with fins again haha.

 Then they came in! Enjoy the photos!

Here's something even better! An excerpt of the presscon. =)

Now remember, this is a World Tour. They will be in Europe, the Middle East, some Asian countries, North America too. So if you have TFC, make sure you follow updates about this and you'll surely have a great time seeing the cast of Be Careful With My Heart.

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zaizai salonga said...

Sir Chief!!! <3 <3

mac callister said...

Di ako makarelate di ako nanonood niyan e hahahaha

Pero infair, ang ganda ni jodi sta.maria!!!!

hannuki15 said...

I hope the other members of the cast like Janella Salvador, Jerome Ponce, Claire Ruiz and Marlo Mortel will also join the world tour :) Nice pics and thanks for the video! I love Maya & Sir Chief ... & of course, Abby too. Sabel & Doris are funny.