Sofitel Manila - The Vietura Launch!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I was so glad to hear that Vietura opened it's doors last March 5, 2013 at the posh Sofitel Manila. I saw this during its last few days of construction and was excited because of the things they had to offer. Vie is the French word for Life and Tura came from Natura or au naturelle. As the words imply this is an aesthetic lifestyle center that introduces a holistic and comprehensive approach to wellness. This institute combines full aesthetic procedures and uses natural integrative medicine and provides  lifestyle coaching. This is something unprecedented in the Philippines because they offer 100% non-
invasive procedures and match it with gradually induced treatments that only Vietura and Sofitel Manila can provide.

The launch got us all into one of Sofitel Manila's function rooms which they completely transformed into a dreamy, heavenly white place that's also filled with Sofitel Manila's Executives, some of Vietura's first clientelle and media representatives. It was also nice to see some of my fashion blogger chums whom I haven't seen in a while.

Chanelle Garvey Sofitel's Director for Sales and Marketing also introduced Sofitel Manila's new GM Adam Laker. Quite dapper and felt like watching a Bond film but he's taking care of the hotel from hereon.

They made the event even better by having Vietura's team of experts Chief Medical Practitioner- Dr. Mary Jane Torres, Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Cecilia Infantado, Life Coach Lisa Tilstra and in house Nutritionist Ms. Agnes Tumaneng.

Doc MJ also had us guess this young woman's real age. I heard 25-35 but she was grinning from ear to ear hearing that. We dropped our jaws hearing that she's acutally 51! OMG imagine that! Now if that testimony doesn't make you agree that their treatments are effective, I don't know what will.

They also have treatments for men. Ever had that few pounds that you couldn't just lose in the mid section? That's exactly what he had to get Doc MJ to do on this area. Now it was easy for him to show off his abs both for modeling and acting stints. I envy him so I'll probably undergo the same soon.=) I'll have to lose a few pounds too haha.

Doc Cecille actually discussed something close to my heart. Teeth. It's one of my waterloos but I think I'm doing fine with my dentist. She on the other hand would have done wonders on mine. As a matter of fact I might ask about services they are offering on the facility so I can get that Hollywood smile too. She's got a pretty smile and quite a perfect endorser for Vietura.

They also discussed how important it is to have life coaching and nutrition planning as part of Vietura's portfolio. You need to better understand how a change in lifestyle would benefit you and your health. It's definitely something to look forward to if you need something done the natural way. No surgeries that could put your life in danger.

Then we proceeded to Vietura in Sofitel Manila

The place was very nice. They had 3 full Consultation rooms, 9 Treatment rooms, 2 Doctor’s rooms, 2 Colonics rooms, 2 Intravenous (IV) rooms and 1 Dental room. They could accommodate a lot of people in this facility. So if you are up to something better than invasive surgery, come over Vietura and they'll give you better options. You deserve better!

Congratulations to Vietura for this fabulous launch! For prices on their services please check their website Aside from that, we're feeling generous now. We're giving away real deal services in Vietura so you my readers can try it out. I'm giving away two GIFT VOUCHERS for One Session  of Facial Skin Spa worth P 1575.00++ each. I'm going to make it easy for you guys and gals. Just comment on this post and answer this question. Why do you deserve this treat? Contest closes on March 30th 2013. 

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Call +632 551.5555 loc. 5000 and 5098.



christian edward paul dee said...

WOW... She's really 51?!? Amazing! My mom really needs this. Thank you for sharing.

Gian Burayag said...

51!? I might look like sweet 16 if I ever get to try this haha! Awesome awesome. TFS!

Khristianne Rinen Luna Bernard said...

Cool!! She doesn't look 51 at all!

Noria P. Adam-Lim said...

I deserve this treat because I think I have the opposite situation of featured lady for Vietura. I am 30 but I feel (hopefully not look 51)! Homeschooling and being a stay-at-home mom can be tasking. The school year is ending and this can be a much-deserved break. :)

rochelle caparas said...

May I just ask? Did you see that question on one of your photos? "HOW IS OLD SHE?"

KUMAGCOW said...

Yes I did, hence the shot lol

I saw people were giggling about it, but really not a big issue, just a typo on their part :D

Si Bino Ako said...

men can also be vain. so i deserve that! hehehe :D

KUMAGCOW said...

gumaganyan after the hiatus hahahaha

pinkline said...

Oheeehmmgeee! as in OMG! she's 51 but looks like she's 30 something lang.. thats unfair! hahaha.. i wanna be like her too.. i want me to stop ageing hehe...

KUMAGCOW said...

I'm sure you won't have any problems haha

el toro bumingo said...

OMG! Sarap magpa-spa :)

Archieviner VersionX said...

I deserve this treat because i want it. Lol Gusto ko gumwuapo e. Lol

Aiel said...

ganda ng ambiance :D

Essa Armille Polanco said...

I deserve to win because I want to know how Vietura will make me glow and stand out in a crowd. Will blog it when I won. :)

KUMAGCOW said...

Hey you won my promo, will email you!