Fan di Fendi Pour Homme for Men and Fan di Fendi Extreme for Women

Friday, March 15, 2013

It's been a while since the House of Fendi actually came out with their own fragrance. They had years of hiatus and they didn't have one from 2005 up to 2010. I'm an avid fan of their designs and I'm sure a lot of people are.This is my first encounter with Fan di Fendi Pour Homme. They launched this just fall of last year; and I only got to see it during an event at posh Buddha Bar in Makati. It sent me to a frenzy when I got a wrist sampler. I found it intense, sultry and very modern. It reminded me well of leather, quite masculine. This is my type of scent I said to my friends immediately, they agreed quite well.

This fragrance was designed with the urban man in mind; someone who's sophisticated, confident and well liked by the ladies. I love the combination of leather, citrus, wood, and oriental spice (cardamom and pink pepper undertones). A single smell of this on a man's neck or body would be something that women would get crazy for and might rev up the hormones. Something intimate would probably fit the mood you're gonna get after a spritz of this!

As if this wasn't enough, they went ahead and designed something for the ladies too. Renowned perfumers Francois Demachy, Delphine Lebeau-Krowiak and Benoist Lapouza might have thought the intense fragrance of Fan di Fendi Pour Homme needs a female counterpart. They called it Fan di Fendi Extreme - Fendi for Women.  

This one exudes a more sensual and intense scent that women would find quite sexy. They have designed this with  the more aggressive hot women in mind. It's major scent plays on citrus because its got major contributors from Italian lemon and a more not so common type of Calabrian bergamot. It also has undertones of sweet Arabian jasmine and Indian Tuberose that gives it a strong, warm, steamy, luscious and seductive smell that women would like to have in the evening. They also combined subtle amounts of Leather and Vanilla to make it a cohesive partner of the one for men. I bet you guys would go crazy for women who want it darker, feistier than the usual fruity flowery scents bought over the counter. It's hot and perfect for women who would want to go out on a date, or get noticed just by passing by. Don't you want your man to get in the mood? =)

For what its worth, Fendi's got so many reasons for you to LOVE the scent that's both urban, chic and modern. I suggest you get one for your man, or woman in major department stores nationwide. 

After all, you deserve the luxurious treat found in every bottle of Fan di Fendi Pour Homme - Fendi for Men and Fan di Fendi Extreme - Fendi for Women.

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