O, Wow! The Marty's Finals!

Monday, March 25, 2013

What does it take to make it big in the music industry? How many years does one need to spend in order become recognized by your peers or the public? You know you're talented, you know you're better than a lot of other men or women your age but you can't do anything about it because there are no avenues to do it. Problem solved by Marty's!

From the popular makers of the Oishi line of snacks and foodstuffs, they have scoured schools, universities and communities to find members of a band that they are putting up to represent their generation, their brand and call the group THE MARTY'S!

One lead guitarist, one bassist, one drummer and one vocalist could eventually win 100,000 pesos and a the chance to be the ultimate band that gets to tour several towns and hold concerts all across the Philippines this 2013! We were there in Eastwood City a couple of days ago to witness these guys show how much they want to be part of The Marty's. Just look how awesome this search turned out to be because it's hosted by the one and only goodlookin hearthrob from another universe Ramon Bautista!

Then they were introduced!

They had 30 seconds each to impress the judges and the crowd. Their school mates and friends were there also to cheer them on!

It was Leo Bonife versus Chan Malubay battling it out for Drums!

For the Bass Guitars, Bam Butalid versus Jay-R Castro had to fight it out too!

The next matchup was between Chii Balanaa and Nokie Dalangin. Damn these guys were good!

Singing their hearts out were Sud Ballecer and Eunice Gatdula. Plus they performed their first ever original song. I must say it was catchy and got the crowd to play along. =)

Then artists like Grace Note, Radioactive Sago Project, Banda ni Kleggy, Pedicab, Ebe Dance and 6CycleMind!

I also loved the part where gwapong Ramon Bautista asked each of these veteran bands their thoughts and wishes for The Marty's.

Like these artists who have sold thousands of albums in the past year, they have made mistakes too. They learned from it and moved on, then it made them stronger. Make each experience another reason to write, and be inspired to make more music that's even way better than the ones on the market. It's that eagerness, gusto to be better and stronger that will make the difference of making The Marty's the best band there is that is voted by you all. It's the public who gets to choose, they went ahead and announced the winners!

(Image courtesy of Oishi.PH Facebook Page)

Congratulations guys! For all the hardwork you put in on this search, you all deserve to be winners! Now starts the eve of something big. It's time we get to know The Marty's and watch out for their performances slated nationwide! I can't wait to see them light up the faces of teens, men and women of all ages to music that only these guys can create! 

Thanks to OISHI and Marty's who made this all possible. Without you, their lives would have changed a tad better here. Again, congratulations!

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