Friday, March 15, 2013

Did you know that you can own your own condiminium unit if you spend 250 pesos a day? Yeap! You heard that right! And it's right here in Avida where affordable living is at its finest!

We got the chance to take a look around their property in Avida Towers Centera near Shaw and Pioneer Streets in Mandaluyong City. A skip and a hop away from EDSA, Manila's major thoroughfare; it was so nice to see there are residential options that would bet fit a family, a bachelor or even those who just want to invest in properties.

The First Space

Take a look at this space which costs around 1.5 Million Pesos.

This also has a bedroom which I absolutely loved. It was spacious enough to have several people walk in for a small gathering. It could be intimate, but I felt free because they put in windows on this property. It felt so nice to see it make the whole venue a tad warm in the afternoons. I'm dreaming of lounging on the chairs already. I had to take a look on some more spaces that they have to offer.

The Second Space

The second one costs a little less. It's a bit smaller than the first one but they showed how to maximize it. I feel this was the perfect place for bachelors like me who just want a place of his own that is presentable, cozy, modern and not so cold. Honestly, I want this!

They got this one jazzed up with a bedroom that's got your own small home office. I like how they thought of young professionals which can probably afford this too. The bed was good for two people if you prefer to start your family here, its perfect. It's a simple space but there are a lot of things you can do with it. Best of all, it's in a location that's near almost in any mall in Metro Manila. Actually, they are planning to have one too in Avida Towers Centera. Just go out of your room, down the elevator and voila! A full mall with commercial spaces, you can buy almost anything you want right outside your door. Isn't that convenient?

The Third Space

Can you see me? Haha

I was playing around in this last room that had storage solutions and space saving ideas that had me going. This is a studio type apartment, so a sofa bed that could turn into a queen sized one was perfect. The shelving, the kitchen and washing machine + dryer made me rethink my own kitchen design at home. This was efficient. Even if the place was small for me, it was functional and got all the necessities. If you are not much of a fuzzy person when it comes to spaces, I recommend this. Why? It costs around 1.2-1.3 mil. So you see there are some really good prices available at these high end condominiums. 

 I even saw BPI and other banks give out some better home loan deals for people who went to the event a few days ago. It was well worth it because some families went there to enjoy freebies and special schemes they offered to the public.

 I suggest you take time and visit http://www.avidaland.com and check out their deals there. Or if you want it even better, for iPhone users.. just search AVIDA and download the app where you can plot what you want and how much you can afford. It will tell you what unit you should buy. You don't have to think too much in making the smart choice.

For more information about their next events and Avida's condominium units in the Philippines, please visit their website which I mentioned above or call +63 2 8485200 or 1800108485200 toll free for those outside Manila. Because it is HOMEPOSSIBLE =)

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