Makati Celebrates CARACOL FESTIVAL 2013!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Philippines has been known to celebrate festivals in each calendar day but I seldom see one near my place. At the awesome, high end place called CIRCUIT in Makati we were treated to a fair like no other. I've been hearing about this for the longest time. This is my first experience of how it is to see the CARACOL FESTIVAL 2013. This ought to be a great day!

The CARACOL FESTIVAL was named after a local freshwater shell fish called "kuhol" and they wanted to have the celebration to be something like a "protection to the hardships of life". They also want this to be the local mardi gras right at the heart of business center Makati City. Performers would come as representing their Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Barangays, Schools and Government Sectors. Makati City alone has 33 barangays so just imagine how massive this celebrations are going to be!

This local government marching band provided music both for the parade and for some of the performances. Then they went back to work making security was enough for that huge venue.

Hotels from Ayala Avenue and the Makati District made sure they are well represented in the festival. It's pretty good mileage too huh? :)

Business owners and some sponsors also went on the parade too.

Then the Barangays (smallest government units) showed their force by marching along these other groups. They also have some barangays participating in the competition too. Some for the dance and performance, some for just the costumes. It was a colorful day!


Thousands of participants and turnout only mean one thing. Makati is indeed a force to reckon with. Their spirit of community lives on. This CARACOL FESTIVAL is surely a big success just by looking at the faces of its people. We don't need to go to Brazil or New Orleans for Mardi Gras. It's all here in CIRCUIT Makati.

Judges were from DOT, some other government cultural agencies and entertainment artists like Jhong Hilario. They'll have a hard time doing this!

The crowd gathered and the sun was up. It was the perfect weather to show what Makati had to offer!

Congratulations to the CITY OF MAKATI. Your CARACOL FESTIVAL 2013 is undoubtedly one thing that I will go back or. It's where communities come together. It's where you celebrate your resilience and love for your neighbors even in hard times. You guys show what it takes to make something so depressing and make it a chance to have your youth stay happy and productive right in the heart of the metropolis. Again, congratulations!

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Jay Ganzon said...

nice set of photos John. I was also at the event. :) Just want to share some photos i took that day.


may santillana said...

thank you so much for this, i am from the makati cultural affairs office and the coordinator of caracol. feedback and coverage like this makes us always want the next caracol to be better than the last. you have great pictures! again, thank you.

KUMAGCOW said...

My pleasure! You have wonderful people, please extend my congratulations to the people behind it and the Mayor too.:)