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Saturday, March 09, 2013


Three floors of exquisite and posh interiors. Source of entertainment, parties and all things nice of which you would only dream of. This is world renowned BUDDHA BAR.

Known as the place where Hollywood stars, European celebrities and everyone who's anyone converge. If you need to relax, unwind and have heavenly food whilst chatting with friends and family, then this is the place to be. It's also the biggest branch compared to the others around the world so just imagine how this massive posh place is going to be the place to be in a few days. If you think the bar you're currently going to is nice, you surely haven't been to Buddha Bar. Let's take a look around shall we? =)

 How to get there

Screenshot from Google Maps. Honestly I am actually well oriented with the Makati Avenue area. Since Buddha Bar is along Kalayaan Avenue which is a one way street, you need to go there by turning left to Jupiter Steet, turning right on Nicanor Garcia and turning right again on Kalayaan Avenue. Buddha Bar will be on the left side of the road and it's beside the PICAR Residences development. You won't miss it because it's got that sign on the photo above. It's pretty big unless you have eye problems. They have ample amount of parking and have Valet if you need it. Then I was floored to see what was inside.

The Interiors

Pardon my language, but this isn't BS. Buddha Bar by far is the grandest, best looking bar that I have ever seen in my entire life.

The theme is a mix of both French Pub meets Eurasia meets China. Even if I had China there it's nothing cheap. The intricate details on the walls, the small trinkets on the tables and plus chairs plus the awesome aesthetics in all the floors just made me realize I was re learning my interior design subjects all over again. Yes I was being schooled.

Then I saw this on one side of the venue. THIS is their BAR.

The wine selection, the mixes and the drinks that we've gotten from this bar is outstanding. I'll show a few later. But just the architecture and time spent on building this monstrous bar alone had be gasping. It's a sight to behold, then I saw more.

The second floor housed an Asian Restaurant. It also has full dining tables and a posh private room for those who would want it to be intimate. This has hot and cold Japanese stations so sushi is a staple. You can also choose to dine there if you want to complete with candle light. =)

The fabulous second floor views, the displays and several large capacity seating are all perfect for large groups. Every corner of this place is but a conversation piece. I couldn't imagine we have this in Makati. We are now the same as Buddha Bar Paris, Manhattan etc. Leveling! =))

For those who don't want to climb up and down the stairs, they've got elevators you can use =)

The basement, just look at this staircase. Aside from that, there's a lot of artwork reminiscent of old British-Chinese-Singaporean Opium Wars Era.

That's just the way to the Comfort Room. Then we saw the fixtures there too!

Classy and still full attention to detail. The walls were all shimmering and glistening as light hits on it. The latrines and closets all were modern. You should take a peek when you're there.

Then we proceeded to the third floor

The third floor was crazy. It was al fresco but so lovely. It had that romantic vibe. But I saw one thing that really excited me.

A pool/pond right smack in the middle of everything. I can imagine models or maybe live coy on this particular part of the building. Buddha Bar just kept surprising me. You can have a drink inside the Cabana, or maybe the large seating available there.

Plus they've got another bar upstairs so you don't have to wait if you need a drink from this location. With all the things you've seen so far, isn't that reason enough to make this your next night spot or destination? =)

The Food and Drinks

Executive Chef Soc Santos introduced us to some of the well known dishes in Buddha Bar. She's got originals too and those staples that had some of her personal input. This is done so that the Filipinos would well appreciate what they have to offer but for the most part of the menu, whatever that is served in Manhattan or Paris would be the same kind of food that you'll see in Manila.

I was thirsty, so as you can see I already took a sip on this one. =)) This is their signature Buddha Bar Iced Tea. It was soo good. It had that right fruity (they say it's Lychee and Kiwi) and sweet scent you'll love at first sip. I know I did!

They call this the Pink Lady. I guess their dishes are of East meets West kind of thing, pretty evident on Japanese but the ingredients inside tell another story. This was quite filling to start being a rice based dish. But it was good.

This one's the Crunchy Rice Shrimps. Self explanatory but the sauce base brought a different dimension to the dish. Not too spicy but I wouldn't mind if it was. It was a big serving, maybe good for picapica together with your alcohol infused drinks.

Spectacularly done, these are Thai Curry Prawns. It just doesn't look good, it tastes good. I got a few rounds of these even if I had allergy on shrimps. I just took meds before and after haha. Don't tell my Mom.

Sea Bass Tamarind. As the name states, it's not just your ordinary white fish. It's the real deal sea bass. I love every bit of it. The tangy, sweet and savory tones on the fish was perfect to mask this chunky piece of ocean meat. The chili, fried basil made it a little interesting. You should try this with rice.

Black Pepper Beef with Thai Basil - for meat lovers out there, this is definitely a treat! They made it sweet, a little spicy and the crunchy basil leaves takes out that sawa factor you might feel after a few bites. I loved it so much because of the chili, which in my case would be a hit to guys like me who wants it HOT HOT HOT!

If you want something authentic, something served on other Buddha Bar restaurants in other parts of the world... you should try the Buddha Bar Chicken Salad. I loved how they intricately prepared the chopped chicken and molded together with a coleslaw like consistency because it's cabbage based.

The tastiest part of the chicken is of course the one that's near its bones. Buddha Bar pays a lot of attention to what it serves on plates and this is something I'd love as a starter. The crispy chicken pieces served hot was so good with the lime squeezed. It was not that salty at all; but it was good!

I don't know who in the right mind would not taste this particular dessert and not say he's in heaven. It's the best thing they have on the menu and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you have this on every visit in Buddha Bar. If you've seen someone say that famous line "You miss half your life if you don't do this or that" then you are going to do the same if you don't get a taste of this! It's like KitKat but a thousand times better. This is %&*#$*^ the best piece of dessert I have ever tasted in years! Sinful! You'll have to close your eyes and feel it! This is their Chocolate Sesame Bars!

Chocolate Cake, how can you go wrong with this. The cake, plus the icing, plus the mousse oh don't get me started. It wasn't as sweet as what I had in mind but it doesn't trump the Sesame Bars.

This is their Trio of Creme Brulee. Your family might want to have this to share but again, if I were to choose among the desserts... I'd rather have the Sesame Bars. (No I still can't get over it!) =)

When we had barbecue upstairs, they had a couple more dishes on the buffet. We gorged on these goodies as they served a more continental spread.

There were two standouts in the hors d'oeuvres. I love the crackers with salmon and the other one that's got caviar and cream on top. The food on the top floor didn't disappoint as they served freshly grilled fish, shellfish, chicken sate, shrimp and other items for kebab. They have veggies also roasted so if you want something off the grill, these guys right here can take care of you. The dessert, particularly the small cakes and French macaroons was good too. We dosed it all down with some of Buddha Bar's signature drinks.

It's pleasure in a glass called HEART OF DARKNESS. Made of crushed grapes, Cognac and red port. I suggest women get a glass or two of these and it'll last the whole night. For men, try the harder ones so you can enjoy more than the usual. Just ask what you need and they probably have it on their menu, the bartender probably could whip up anything you want since I saw the classic ones served with no problem.

For what it's worth, I've observed the place didn't have any guest lists offered to patrons as they probably don't condone elitists. But I think the place needs you to at least dress up a bit because for the interiors and people I've seen going there. It's but proper but not enforced, but if I see someone go in wearing shorts and slippers I'd probably get the creeps haha.

Buddha Bar Manila by far is the best one I've seen and I'm not going to hold back suggesting this to my friends and readers because if you prefer to chill after a long day, when you have a date or just plainly need a place to hang out with friends and family, it's on top of my list. Tell me otherwise if you see I'm wrong but in my dictionary your bar wouldn't be world class if it doesn't even come close to this place in Makati. You better be ready when Buddha Bar sets the bar for world class clubbing, winery and dining. Don't expect anything less about the brand that's known the world over!

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