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Thursday, March 07, 2013

One of the most awaited event in the industry and probably the most attended one too is Chef's on Parade 2013. The event also houses several competitions to pick the best of the best of what the Philippine restaurant and hotel industry has to offer. I've been lucky enough to have been able to attend this quite a lot because my brother's an Executive chef. He also competed in these meets but since he's in Ireland now, he's getting good representation from someone good looking. ME haha.

It was nice to see people again like Chef Bruce Lim (my favorite Chef!) and on this bit he also had Chef Emmanuel Stroobant (who's AFC programs I adore! ie Chef in Blank etc) whom he also worked with in Asian Food Channel. Chef Bruce and Monkey was actually doing an all Filipino pasta and sandwich menu via a workshop they were doing during this event. Yes, it was time Monkey talks! All their stoves both in and out of this particular kitchen (re: the whole venue) was powered and supplied by the good people of TotalGaz.

TotalGaz wanted to support something this big without batting an eyelash because they knew how much the public deserve something good as their brand. It's a place where they can showcase safety on a different level. Imagine how much effort and infrastructure they had to put up in a few days so both the demo kitchens and competition ovens, stoves stay burning efficiently. On a scale, it's like they supported a whole industrial restaurateur operation to show how serious they were in seamlessly putting the TotalGaz name on it.

Check this small chat I had with Total's  LPG Sales Manager Mr. Eugene Dela Paz

In a few minutes, people were drooling over the Chef's creations. I'm not surprised. Afterall, he's Chef Bruce Lim =)

The ordinary Pork Adobo leveled up, put in a slab of pork belly with the same ingredients and have that be the sauce for your pasta. Absolutely unbelievable. It was soft, it was savory and the combination was something I never expected to work. The garlic tones was muy bien, perfecto on all levels. I was just too shy to ask for second servings haha.

A powerful and effortless second dish had tomatoes, roasted peppers, egg and other ingredients to pay homage to the local dish Sarciado. The thick sauce plus the perfectly cooked shrimps on top (which only cooked a few minutes) was sinful. The Chef even said he used frozen ones or this but it was all good. He even said this was out of an accident that turned into something like carbonara. Pretty cool.

Skirt Steak that has been prepared like Bistek Tagalog. It was nice and a bit chewy. He had the steak rested and set aside. Sliced thinly then put on freshly baked Focaccia bread with caramelized shallots, tomatoes, lettuce and the steak sauce. If you find a word equivalent to heavenly just let me know. ;)

Since Chef Bruce has Kapampangan lineage, he wanted to prepare something quite popular from his province. He got chicken fillets marinated in Anise wine, Salt, Sugar, Pepper and Sodium Nitrate. Quite simple to prepare, even if marination would take some time and fried a few minutes to cook. Since it's chicken, it barely has the calories or fat that pork has and obviously it's a good breakfast, lunch or dinner item when he got it on French bread or Baguette. I don't have to really convince you after that shot above was topped with egg, ready to eat. :) Congratulations Chef Bruce! You've done it again!

TOTAL Philippines Corporation's LPG Sales Manager Eugene Dela Paz, Ms. Iris Reyes (External Communications Executive) and Specialties Division Vice President Ludovic Georges were manning the TotalGaz Exhibit. They took time to explain what TOTAL wanted to tell it's consumers. With the rampant problems and complaints regarding LPG tanks in the Philippines, TotalGaz wants to make sure the Filipino consumer get their money's worth. With the right weight and the safety of users in mind, the quality of every tank coming out of their plants are assured to be top of the class. They will never put you and your family in harms way so make sure when you need one in your home, trust TotalGaz like the rest of these world renowned Chef's from Chef's On Parade 2013!

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