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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Summer's here and it wouldn't be a better season without going to world renowned beaches right here on our turf like Boracay. It's one of the best if not THE BEST beach in the world and I couldn't wait spending my vacation in spectacular White Beach.I wouldn't want to stay too far from it and the ideal place was Station 2 where it's near everything that is happening. From clubs, shopping, food and activities it's the prime spot to stay in when you are in Boracay. There's only one place I could think of and that's Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel!

Set at the spectacular 4KM stretch of Boracay's famed White Beach, this gorgeous structure boasts of 52 rooms and suites perfect for couples of families that want straight no nonsense access to the shore or a couple of minutes walk to D'Mall or D'Talipapa where food, services and souvenirs are a plenty.

The front of the hotel has got a huge pool where we can just jump into since our room was right beside it. It had these pretty fountain like systems that make a whimsical sight to behold when you want to take a dip or just hang out and read a book on chairs right beside it. It was so grand, people who pass by the structure even take photos. It's got a nice view also of the shoreline because it's literally only a few steps away from it. 

Then we had to check in, which only took a couple of minutes. Just let them have your reservation papers and they'll handle everything. They'll also tell you what you need to know about hotel policies so you won't go overboard and stain everything with your latest henna tattoo offered by locals (which looks pretty cool by the way) which almost all of the hotels in the area might charge you with so be on the safe side. Anyway, I think it would also be better if you do that later on so you could show the tattoo when you're back in Manila or your country of origin. Get an islander type of braid too if you're that adventurous.

Going to and from this place is a breeze since they provide airport transfers from Kalibo (a two hour ride away) and Caticlan Airports (which is pretty near the Jetty Port). From there, they have their own boat to take you to the main island. They let us wait on this quaint space right on the reception area that's also got a gift shop beside it. If you've forgotten anything from your home or any last minute shopping, you might find the one you're looking for in this place; as you can see they have Havaianas and a few gift items there too. For those who are afraid climbing up stairs each time you have to go to your room, they have an elevator for easy access. Aesthetically, we were seeing modern native Filipino pieces all throughout the hotel evident on wicker chairs, sofas and hardwood tables. Quite classy right from the get go.

The Rooms

There are several room types you can choose from. The one I stayed in was called Grand Poolside since I preferred the one beside the pool for obvious reasons.

The Grand Poolside Room

I love the gigantic canopy bed that's perfect for couples or in this case, for big men like me who want to have space. The ceiling's a little low which makes it pretty homey.

Aside from the usual side tables, they also have seating available right beside the windows which I feel was made for entirely by bookworms who want to spend an entire afternoon finishing a few chapters or more right inside the hotel room. You can also take refuge in the small table up front for those who can't go without working remotely. The Internet connection was also fast that I got to upload most of my photos from here without any problems. 

Right across the canopy bed were wooden accordion doors, which when opened up goes to the bath room.


The toilet and bath are on separate sides of the bath tub which I spent most of the time in. The intricate details of the sand art that is the centerpiece, shells that are laid around the room make it one of the best places of refuge inside the hotel. I was glad to hear that there were more rooms bigger than this one that I'm staying in so I asked the nice lady in the front desk to show me around. They gladly obliged!

The Grand Deluxe Poolside Room

Quite near my room was another room uniquely made for families with kids. It was nice to see a larger space other than mine. The seating was also huge and perfect for the number of people it suggests to have.

It can also function as a day bed for those who enjoy larger spaces like me (because it comes with the Tatami Bed). If I make new friends on the beach and invite them over then this would be perfect for those after parties if they want to crash on your room for a couple of hours before heading home. 

The toilet and bath still looks quite nice. It's about the same size as the one I had on my room. The bath tub was slightly different and had a more comfortable slope. These rooms also have complimentary broadband Internet access so if you plan to use the in-room lounging area for online activities, their fast connection would be something to look forward to.

Premier Sea View Room

It was so refreshing to see one queen bed and one twin bed in this room. I can imagine a couple with young kids or maybe a dating pair with chaperone (we'll never know!) to occupy this space while they frolic around the sand and the waters of White Beach Boracay.

The space was obviously again, bigger than where I was staying and the ceiling was also higher. It gave the room a more breezy feel plus I couldn't help but notice that they've got a veranda.

On the front of the bed you can easily get up and do business since you have a small office space that can pretty much double as a dresser too if your lady wants to touch up and put sunscreen on. And for my favorite part of the room.. it's here!

A gentle breeze still finds its way on the veranda where you can puff a stick or two/ while reading your newspaper or maybe while you're having coffee. You can choose this best spot to look at people passing by for my favorite thing to do when I'm on vacation, people watching! =)

And the other amenities are clean and neat. Each towel was folded perfectly and the shower was pretty roomy considering its a slightly smaller space compared to our bathroom earlier.  This is perfect for small groups.

The Ambassador Suite

As the room's name states this particular space is fit for a statesman (that's a lot of States lol). It can also pass for something that royalty would deserve because of its massive space and its own area that you won't believe did fit in this room.

The kind lady who showed us around was all smiles upon seeing our reaction. Honestly, I didn't expect it to be this big so I was desperately trying not to drop my jaw at the sight of it. This room has it's own bar, not a mini bar, but a real bar.

Your own receiving area, with its own flat screen TV greets you the moment you walk into this room.

Another door inside this room leads you to the King sized bed that's got room for more than one person. A small family can probably fit here but I prefer if you were a bachelor dating someone special to get this. The privacy, the massive space is conducive for a more romantic stay. There were more things to see here.

A small office space cum vanity area plus a 32 inch flat LCD TV provides entertainment when you want to cuddle up at night. There's also a closet to keep the usual baggage. For your other kinds of baggage, leave them at home because you're here to relax. =)

Toilet and bath plus a grand tub inside would welcome a more intimate scene. I like this part because it can fit two people hehe. I love this really. My mind kept wandering off all of a sudden.

Then came the pièce de résistance !

The Ambassador Suite's own veranda OMG

Now if I can't hold a small party here, I don't know where else. A barbecue, a small tet a tet with wine and cheese, then you just come to realize you've got this as your view!

If that spectacular view and facilities wasn't enough, they give you your own jacuzzi!

Now that's a spring/summer break waiting to happen. Celebrity friends, I highly recommend this room. =) You'll have more ways than one to enjoy Boracay but if you want to take refuge in some place to relax, unwind where your family and friends would enjoy... by all means, call them up and ask for packages so you can get a better deal together with breakfast, lunch and dinner at their famous Don Vito Restaurant which I'll feature next. They also have their own spa that I'll tell you about in a bit too. 

If you want to ask or make reservations now, that's easy... call Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel's offices through the numbers below. Capisce?!

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Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel is indeed one of the best resort hotel in Boracay island. I so love it, personally.

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