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Friday, March 22, 2013

Time is as important as the person who holds it. It makes us realize how life seems so short, how each moment spent with your special someone is just precious that you just realize things when it's too late. A few days ago, we got the chance to take it to another level. It was high time to make it more fashionable, reasonably priced and endorsed by the same people you idolize on TV and on the silverscreen.

Are you excited? Well.. I have to give it to you. This ladies and gentlemen is YOT.. Your Own Time!

*Photo from YOT Facebook Page and not mine - buy I'd probably eat it like this too LOL

I haven't seen anything like it in Philippine shores. It's whimsical, it's colorful and you can mix and match it with your clothes and you won't feel it's cheap; as a matter of fact... it looks expensive. Technical geniuses might even raise an eyebrow because it's something so simple but they never thought about it.

YOT is part of the Magnum Group which carries brands like Champion, Cosmos, Magnum, Yankee Street and exclusive trading licenses to well known international brands such as Bulova, Disney, Sector, Philip Stein, Roberto Cavalli, Techno Marine and Just Cavalli. So you see, you are getting world class quality watches but way better. Your personality alone could dictate how you wear different straps, dials, cases and bezels so it could match your outfit.

The YOT barkada Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Rayver Cruz, Julia Montes, Robi Domingo appeared for the press conference a few days ago. They got their favorite ones and told us why they chose the color and watch :)

Be ready for more sugar... because this is sweet! Kathniel fans would love me LOL

Daniel Padilla wore a white strap analog dial watch on this bit.

He then switches to the black one which looked cooler; and better looking on him.

Kathryn Bernardo chose the white one because she can easily match it with any outfit. Nothing fancy, but if paired with the black one that Daniel has... is that coincidence? :D

The lady who just celebrated her debut a few days ago was wearing pink :) Julia Montes wanted to stay girly and feminine. She looks beautiful!

Fun loving guy Robi Domingo kept on teasing Daniel and Kathryn on the side. But here he is wearing the black analog watch from YOT. He says he wants watches like these because they somehow make you think a little. Unlike digital watches that seems so dumb. I can relate.. men would love these!

Rayver Cruz was a little dressed up and this is his regular everyday getup. He needs something that would look okay with classy clothes and still look good if he's rugged. He always is on the go and says the blue YOT watch fits his lifestyle. It's my personal choice too and I was so glad to hear that these watches are currently available at Trinoma and Robinson's Magnolia. Best of all, it's affordable because each box set of 1 watch and 5 straps only cost P3,900.00! I like the convenience the box gives because its like having 5 watches at the same time. You don't need to go out and buy expensive ones because it's all there. Whenever you feel like putting up another color for this week, your watch follows suit. Isn't that so simple? 

Stay fashionable, cool and excited as YOT watches penetrate more stores in the country soon. These guys know how important time is. Your Own Time makes it even better. Make sure you rush to the stores and get one of these for yourself. After all, you deserve it!

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