Antony Morato: Italian Men's Fashion Done "Bello, Piacente" Right!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Italian fashion has been proven its worth in this industry and the Philippines has yet to have a taste of what it's like in Milan and other cities of this wonderful country. The impeccable tailoring, the known look and fit on their clothes have been a trademark for what men's fashion has been gearing for as far as aesthetics are concerned. Believe me, I've always wanted clothes from that part of the world and it was just perfect that I got invited by world renowned Antony Morato in their recent fashion show at the posh HYVE Fort Bonifacio. Get ready for these HOT HOT items available now in the Philippines, let's take a look shall we?

The event was hosted by renowned VJ, Model and Actress Joey Mead. She was teasing everyone and says if it's HOT in Manila, it's going to be HOTTER that evening. I wonder why. 

Then the fashion show started: 

First impression: Easy plaid shirts, jeans and jackets are a staple. Classy everyday wear that is modern and sophisticated. I know some men like me who would love this.

Non conforming low jeans are a must in European fashion. I should learn to do this more often. I love the denim jackets too.

His color scheme is impeccably smart. He stayed with blues, grays, blacks and all manly for this collection. I wonder what he's got under his sleeve.

Antony Morato and his pieces are just tastefully done. I love how we can mix and match his pieces and throw in a little jacket or coat for a more "Classy Evening" look. This one is a must have for every guy that wants his wardrobe super wearable.

Dress up John Hall, Jon Avila, Philippine Azkals or Philippine Volcanoes member in one of their cargo shorts, sweaters and light coats and they will be as preppy as teens but still oozing with machismo. I guess it's where we should start thinking about a more young professional look but not veering away from the "Young" part of it.

I'm loving every bit of it!

Antony Morato just exudes refinement and machismo all in one. I love how everything works from street, urban to a classy phase. Only a few labels can do that without looking cheap and this holds quite a standard that other men would envy. If you've got one of these pieces, don't you think your lady would love it?

I have this shirt in blue. It fits me perfectly and shows my assets rather than my flaws. I love how it hugs quite nicely on my body. I'll be pairing it up with jeans and maybe something to layer it with on top. I'll instagram it soon!

I just wish I had his eyes haha

This reminds me of Banana Republic, but it's not. It's Antony Morato...

I like this green jacket. Can anyone give this to me for my birthday? Hehe

I like this guy's whole outfit. I just wish I was thinner so I could have it fit like that. Good thing Antony Morato has something in my size, actually I was surprised that their shirts fit me perfectly.

Grabe, Sam Ajdani... one of my favorite models. He's so tall, and he's got that presence. I wonder if I were this tall would someone get me as their model? LOL

Now this is something quite surprising. I didn't know that floral or something light as purple would work with men. 

Again, I wanna have his eyes. I want something that piercing.

Now.. this is the part where they made it even more HOTTER... kids, NSFW!

Antony Morato has intimate wear...

I didn't take too much photos of that part hehe... people were screaming too much I had to cover my ears haha

Real good looking men need real good looking clothes. That's exactly what Antony Morato will bring to Philippine shores. It's been successfully bringing that in the South of Manila but now that it has brought these clothes in more malls and stores in the Philippines.  Lello, Giovanni and Tania Caldarelli the three young Italian brothers who developed the brand Antony Morato must be proud that even Filipinos can have some of these value for money clothes they put up since 2007. They have indeed come a long way from Italy. I'm so glad I'll get the taste of it and now it's your turn to rush to the stores and get one for your self too because bro, YOU DESERVE TO LOOK GOOD!

We are after all, the first in Asia to have it!

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