Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz: It Takes A Man and A Woman

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Do you still remember the time you fell in love?

I do.

Do you remember watching the first ever John Lloyd and Sarah Geronimo movie?

Yes, you are right! It's A Very Special Love!

How about the second one?

You are correct! It Takes A Man and A Woman! =)

Then after a few years of not seeing them... you just found out that they suddenly end up in SPLITSVILLE!


Fear not because this time, they are going to try it once again in this film called


We were there in the Grand Press Conference and had first dibs on the stars walking down the red carpet!

They look so cute. This is my first time to see Sarah Geronimo this close. I've seen her in ASAP and in a Coke event before but this is really a good day, I'm so blessed I got photos of her and be near her like this!

As you can see, this film is Directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, written by Carmi Raymundo and Produced by powerhouses Star Cinema and Viva Films. They are introducing the gorgeous Isabella Daza on this film too.

Then we proceeded to the Dolphy Theater ^_^

Then the press conference started. I was really looking forward to ask questions but the press was wonderfully in the zone. I don't mind.

You can really see how it was going for Sarah Geronimo. She was telling Laida Magtalas' story as if it was just like her. Sarah was feeling a bit more matured, and she even got confirmation from the press. This made her really happy to hear it from somebody else. As you know, John Lloyd and Sarah had very colorful relationships. They really did easily relate to their characters. JL even cried a bit because he knew how Miggy would have done if he were in his position. If you were there in the Dolphy theater. you wold have cried too.

Direk Cathy says there is a huge difference between the characters that the lead stars played before. It was like turning tables on them because the usual hopeful Laida suddenly became so strict, feisty and not so nice on some instances. Whilst Miggy on the other hand even had mistaken some of Laida's statements, wondering why she didn't care anymore. Oh Miggy in this time actually is inlove with someone else in the character of Isablella Daza.

There are more things to watch out for on this film. If you were in their place, would you fall in love the same way perhaps? Would you go back with your ex when you suddenly feel you still have feelings for them? You should find out and watch this sure block buster coming on theaters nationwide March 30, 2013! It Takes A Man and A Woman will surely change your way looking at love and relationships again!

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