JM De Guzman's Album Launch: Tensionado

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The place was packed when I got there. It was really good to see these guys wait for one man. He's been in the industry for quite some time now and he's been able to maintain a huge following even after his program in ABSCBN ended a few months ago. This time, he's got something up his sleeves other than being the Prince of Drama. He's an accomplished singer and since he's taken his time to write a couple of songs and did some covers, JM De Guzman deserves what he's getting now. A new album called "Tensionado".

Opening up for him were a couple of performers

This band called Kaligta was nice. Their genre depicted a little of Christian, and a little of pop rock music. That afternoon they performed some covers by Creed I think. They've also got a self titled album that's got six tracks being sold at the event. Very promising.

Then he came up the stage and the crowd went wild!

I must admit, I've seen JM a couple of times in ABS CBN but never went up to talk to him. He had that aura that he's just too good looking to talk to, even if he's a short guy, he had presence...maybe it's just me. 

He started by greeting everyone. Then after that, he got some of his favorite songs on the album and got busy singing it in front of hundreds of people at the Trinoma Mall center stage.

He started to sing Stupidest which is one of his originals

Since the Hukbong JM was also there, he approached the group and got one of his most avid fans and gave them a treat. He got one of them on stage and she didn't hold back. She was hugging and doing everything to JM and the crowd was really happy for her.

It's one of the nicest gestures I have ever seen. He made her dream come true I guess. =)

I got the chance to listen to the album yesterday and my favorite so far is his cover for Lost in Space.

Here's the rest of the tracks:

1. Akin Ka Na Lang
2. Have I Told You Lately
3. Tensionado
4. Warrior
5. Terrified
6. Lost In Space
7. Stupidest
8. Don’t Give Up On Us

This is JM De Guzman's second album and I bet its even better than the first one because he's able to artistically free himself just by doing non covers. This particular album is now available at all Astroplus, Astrovision, Odyssey and SM Record bars nationwide. You can make JM part of your ringbacks and ringtones too. If you are up to it, his first album is now available to be downloaded digitally at so you better grab a copy! He's better than ever, the only Prince of Drama that sings legit... he's JM De Guzman.

Congratulations to Ivory Records for the successful launch of his album!


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