Happy Easter! =)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

After the long vacation I feel like wanting to go back there again. But of course reality has to step in. I've got to pay the bills, report for work and slave away with people of whom some I don't wanna be with. (Dito sinabi eh no LOL pwede naman kasi April Fools)

It's so hard to get my mojo back. I guess in some way or another we all go through that phase. But I'm sure it'll come back in one way or another. I owe it to a lot of people why I blog. I also owe it to my self. I don't have to be pressured because this hobby has opened a lot of doors for me. Plus I get to meet people whom I think wouldn't be even possible in my lifetime. Actually I miss them already. Even though they are celebrities, they are real people... and I consider them my friends. How I wish it was easy for them to go out too. But we all know show business, it's another dimension. It's the same with the corporate world too. I would really love to go back and lounge around doing nothing. I miss Boracay. I miss my self too. =(

Happy Easter everyone! Hope your holy week went well!

Let's all go back to work now....


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