ChurpOut! 2013: The Social Influencers Pep Rally!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Twitter is so addictive! Just like you I've been spending a whole lotta time with my readers, friends and family in this social media channel. It's so easy to connect and get instant feedback with the rest of the world and why not, its all free!

Well this time they made it even better, we get to earn while using it. If you've got tons of friends and followers, a simple click can earn you through a program called ChurChurp!

And what way to celebrate it more but by launching it in style. They held an event just last week called ChurpOut, a Pep Rally to show the communities' admirable social media influencers that are all from this side of the globe!

Present that evening was Country Manager and Tech Blogger extraordinaire Abe Olandres. Haven't really talked to this guy but I read his blog. Met him a few times too. He's one of the good guys..

Manila's most influential bloggers, tumblrers lol, twitter and online celebrities were all there to witness the celebration of ChurpChurp, ChurpOut 2013!

If the event alone wasn't enough, they got a Pep Squad perform right smack in the middle of Prive in BGC!

Then they introduced ChurpChurp and their top influencers with the beat of the drum. Abe Olandres and Trixie Esguerra cheered on the guys and gals on this list. I remember my G Plus moments a few years ago. This must be something great like that!

They have  given away prizes to a few lucky people and as you can see, some of them are from show business or models. You could be one of them. If you join ChurpChurp now, you can discover more, share, earn and be part of the community. 

Just type on your address bar and register now. You won't regret it!

Thanks to the wonderful people at Nuffnang who invited me in this event. Love you guys and you know it! =)



el toro bumingo said...

Who's the cute Alpha Influencer in varsity jacket again? He's the most gorgeous guy that night :)

KUMAGCOW said...

andaming naka varsity jacket dyan eh haha

el toro bumingo said...

I'm referring to the cute guy na katabi ni Abe Olandes sa pictures #8-11 :)

KUMAGCOW said...

Congrats dahil Hehe hindi ko siya kilala :D

el toro bumingo said...

Sana merong maka-identify sa kanya :)