Have You Been To Caffé Bene Eastwood City?!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

I'm a regular at this store and I was so glad they've set up shop right in front of my office. Literally a skip and a hop away is this Korean brand that's getting raves here and around the globe. It's the premier place to have a cup of coffee if you are around Eastwood City. It's called Caffe Bene!

It's the largest coffee chain in Korea with over 800 stores to date making it the fastest growing franchise also in this side of the globe. Pretty soon, there will be more Caffe Bene shops in Metro Manila. Somewhere also near you. =) This brand has been seen in a couple more Korean movies and series because it's the place to hangout by young ones and yuppies. I didn't know that but even the recent ones being shown on ABS CBN and other channels had screenshots on their presentation. That was really a good testimony of how their interiors and name alone had impressed the whole South Korea, why not the world and the Philippines? =)

The Interiors

The place has got that rustic feel. It's huge and got 2 floors. Chairs, tables and shelving are all wood but some come padded so it's comfy. Even the pads have some cute whimsical logos which represent Caffe Bene too. Really cute. Plus they also have extra seating outside for those who decide to smoke. I'd suggest you get the ones inside though because in these warm nights, who doesn''t want air conditioning? :D

Their Signature Coffee

Before we were treated to their awesome coffee, we got ourselves an introduction to cupping. It's the only way we would understand the difference of their "medium roasted coffee" and the dark roasted ones that are being used by other brands.

We were given three cups containing freshly ground coffee. The medium roasted coffee that Caffe Bene is proud about is the one on the topmost portion of this shot.

Physically you can see the actual difference in roasting.

Medium Roasted beans evidently are lighter even more sweetly fragrant. The other two that are dark roasted smelled burnt and very intense.

We poured water to the rim and let it set for around 4 minutes. The grounded coffee was left to soak and absorb the hot water.

Taking out the froth, clear out and swipe the top then scoop a whole tablespoon of it first. Then after that, swirl around the mouth and spit. It wasn't a good experience to taste the other two but the Medium Roasted one was sweet, not that bitter, you can drink it on its own and you can really taste the difference.

This Cafe Americano was served on a special cup. I said WHAT? and tested it myself. They say it's called a kissing cup/lip cup. When I took a sip of the awesome coffee, I really felt like I was kissing someone. Weird I know but I think they made this for a purpose. If you go there even without a date, this would be one awesome alternative haha!

Honestly I take mine black, it's the best way to experience how good the beans are and with the tests we did, Caffe Bene definitely knows their coffee. 

The Food

This good day just wouldn't end as you can see. This is their Liège Waffle with Blueberry Cream Cheese topping. They have eight different ways of doing this so if you prefer other toppings, just go ahead and ask. 

The difference between this waffle over the others is that this is made of dough. It's not made of the same batter you make pancakes from (just look at the one above called Caramel Banana Cream). They keep it that way so it'll be easy to have crystallized sugar on top before that makes it extra crunchy and not run of the mill soft ones you generally sweep under the carpet or just leave on the plate when you're done. As you can see above, from any angle... it's just perfect.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the best breads I've ever enjoyed with a cup of coffee. It's properly called Honey Bread and this is the Garlic and Cheese variant. If you know toasted bread, this is a mile and a half better than that. Best of all, they have Caramel Cinnamon and Choco Banana Honey Breads that are are also awesome!

I don't know a better way of ending a meal but having this. This is Strawberry Bingsu. The other ones are Red Bean and Coffee. It's meant to be shared but for big guys like me, I can take it on its own. It's available in two sizes. LARGE and HUGE haha.. no joke. It's one of the best items on the menu and I highly suggest you get one if you are around the area. You won't be sorry that I told you that.

Caffe Bene is an experience on its own. The ambiance, the coffee, the food, it just completes what this coffee establishment is all about. I'm reminded of what something simple can actually do. The Medium Roasted Coffee, the uncomplicated concoctions and pastries that they have; plus the time spent with friends on a place like this is just something to appreciate. I'd be glad to see Caffe Bene in other places soon, because Filipinos deserve to have the right coffee which Caffe Bene makes. If you haven't been here and dredging yourself out of the other coffee shops where you only order the same thing over and over again, it's time to change. You deserve it too!

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