Game Nights with PayMaya

Monday, June 29, 2020

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say you've missed your friends and family. With the onset of COVID19, we're all confined at the comfort of our homes and it's impossible to physically meet them. Having said that, technology has played a vital role in keeping touch. Aside from video calls, conferences and meetings can happen virtually with Zoom, Streamyard, Messenger or other apps. There is no excuse not to enjoy time with them.

Why not set a game night using these channels and use Kahoot to answer general information questions or make your set of questions too. Don't worry about the prizes, because if you have a PayMaya account, you can easily buy discounted prepaid load or credits for Tinder and stuff you never knew possible!

You can even receive Western Union remittance in a jiffy, without having to go to the store, isn't that convenient?

Now there is no excuse for you to not have FUN inside your homes and keep those relationships intact. You also could help your friends and family while having fun for a few pesos. You should definitely give that a shot!

Meanwhile, I'm preparing to go have fun with blogger friends this evening, with PayMaya credits as prize. :)


Havaianas is available on Shopee

Sunday, June 28, 2020

I have always attended the Make Your Own Havaianas events and made my own pair every single year. I use them a lot and yes, some of them are still alive. It exhudes personality and you kinda stay away from the run of the mill flip flops out there that doesn't reflect who you are when you have footwear. During COVID19 time, it's sad they couldn't do the event anymore Havaianas apparently has been in Shopee the app the whole time, so if I'd like a pair, I could just easily get them delivered to my doorstep, isn't that nice? 

I chose a few pairs in the store that not only fits my geeky love for games, Star Wars and Marvel. My fascination about Super Mario, the Jedis and a couple of superheroes would be easily represented in these pairs, which would be the envy of the household. They also fit comfy too no matter what the size is because they have til size 11-12 which is right in my alley. You can see them here:


Official Havaianas Shop 

Yoshi and Princess Toadstool 

Star Wars 

Marvel Superheroes 

It's fun, unique, very appealing to see. Tons of money can be also saved this Shopee sale season on 7.7 (July 7). Make sure you download the app before the date and sign up to get your own pair. You can get it via Google Play or the App Store. 

Let's go get those comfy pairs!


Ginebra San Miguel's Ginuman 2020 A Fun Event!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Thousands of people joined in the fun of this year's Ginebra San Miguel Ginumanfest 2020. Unlike the other years wherein there was merrymaking on the streets, in different towns and cities, the new normal forced us all to stay at home and celebrate here instead. Good thing these guys know how to party and yes, they did not shortchange anyone for entertainment. 

They started this livestream in the official Ginebra San Miguel Facebook page and broadcasted an online concert with a talk from the Barangay Ginebra Basketball team (which was so funny by the way), artists like Banda Ni Kleggy, Silent Sanctuary, December Avenue. 

Not only that, but after a few songs performed by the band, they got Ginebra girl Sanya Lopez sing Torete with them for the enjoyment of the online crowd!

Later on, Silent Sanctuary joined in and performed their greatest hits. Then after 3 songs, they got GSM girl Sue Ramirez to also perform, the online concert was just amazing!

Then for the finale, they got popular band December Avenue to end the festivities, then the piece de resistance, showing the new limited edition Ginebra San Miguel with the special edition frontliners design on the bottle. 

They say "Para Sa Tapang Na Tunay!" to make sure these unsung real life heroes get the recognition they deserve. This is good Ginebra! Hope you continue to inspire more people to help, hope we see each other in person during the Ginumanfest 2021!

See you!


Pinoy BL Series GAMEBOYS Succeeds During Pandemic

Friday, June 26, 2020

GCQ was so rough for all of us but there seems to be an emergence of Filipino BL series and this one made the pandemic time a little bearable as IdeaFirst Company released a show called GAMEBOYS on YouTube. They are the same people behind Die Beautiful, Ang Dalawang Mrs Reyes, Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa WiFi and might I say, they’ve been successful in terms of almost 2 Million views in YouTube, almost the same on Tiktok and the other fan accounts who just couldn’t handle the the romantic quirks this show presents. 

In a way, this is the first BL series and we’re beginning to see the Filipino mindset change before our eyes, especially when specific characters of it start to mimic real life personalities. Kokoy Santos and Elijah Canlas stars in this series and yes, they’ve got nods from previous films they did in the international arena, in some way, it wasn’t surprising to see them do good in this project. Recently, their best friend Pearl played by Adrianna So also got a piece of the spotlight as her character will begin having her own series, but I’m telling you the kilig is in all their recent episodes, go watch it just for that. 

Ivan Payawal the director made sure you feel how to be in their shoes, to make you see how two guys could fall in love, treat each other as angels, and see things from their perspective. GAMEBOYS is being released in YouTube every Friday at 8PM. Make sure you subscribe to the IdeaFirst YouTube channel to get notified of its release. 


Take A Look at YORI DIY Furniture

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I have been decorating my room for months now, I just lost a little bit of drive because COVID19 happened in Manila. I was initially trying my hand at handicrafts and a little carpentry, but it was just not my cup of tea.

DIY shouldn’t be that hard, but good thing there are brands like YORI that is now available in SM stores and It’s affordable, very current and practical to get one or more of their pieces because they’ve practically simplified things for the ordinary joe. They actually have these items in one flat box and it’s easy to put them all together at home. It’s a grand DIY project without the need for mumbo jumbo, they wanted make it easy.

NOJI DESK + SHELF This is an all-in-one desk and shelf that is built for all kinds of spaces. This would be good for small offices/home offices (SOHO) especially if you are organization freaks like me who wants everything in one place. This only costs Php 2,795

SAGYO MINI DESK This is a simple, minimalist but movable desk that is made for all kinds of spaces. Make it a stress-free zone for your work, especially those who choose to work at home. It costs Php 1,795.00

OKURA SHELF This is another minimalist piece, like an all-around lightweight shelf. This would be nice for displaying your coveted books and memoirs. You can get it for Php 2,495.00

JOBU DESK This is a simple desk that fits almost anywhere. Ideal for working or studying. It only costs Php 2,295.00

SUKUI KITCHEN RACK (MEDIUM) This is a utility rack that is small and lightweight. It fits most workspaces and is perfect for storing objects which you would want for quick use. This only costs Php 2,495.00

TENJI BOOKCASE (MEGA) It’s a low-rise showcase shelf built for small to medium-sized rooms. Now you don’t have to suffer in clutter at home. This one is a steal at Php 4,295.00

TENJI BOOKCASE (MEDIUM) Get this one for your room so you don’t have to put books on a stack, so you get clean lines before you go off to sleep. Simple, but very nice to have at home. This one is only Php 3,795.00

KAISO BOOKSHELF (MEGA) Those trinkets from past trips or books you’ve been stacking on the coffee table needs to be stored properly, this would be a nice place yo start doing that! This one costs Php 3,795.00

KAISO BOOKSHELF (MEDIUM) This one is a bit smaller, but totally apt for or small or tight spaces. Price: Php 3,295.00

GYOMU LADDER DESK (MINI) For small and medium workspaces , this would be a wonderful addition to your home. Price only costs Php 2,495.00

If you are eager to fix and make spaces in your home, this is it. You can find Yori products at SM Home branches:

It’s at fSM Cubao, SM City Bacoor, SM City North Edsa, SM City Pampanga, SM City Marikina, SM City Lipa, SM City Novaliches, SM City Makati, SM Mall of Asia, SM Southmall, SM City Fairview, SM Aura Premier, SM City Bicutan, SM City Sta. Mesa, SM Megamall, SM City BF Paranaque, SM City Manila and more branches soon!

You can also shop at or call and text 09175167539/09190682645 from Mondays to Sundays, 8AM to 5PM.

This is what YORI is, a BETTER DIY.


BISTRO GROUP Starts Dine-in Operations

Monday, June 22, 2020

I belong to a multitude of Filipinos who miss the ambiance and feel of being in a restaurant but these past few months, it made us realize health is first. I have dined in a few restaurants these past few days and just like these guys from the Bistro Group, they will take no chances in making it safe for diners to choose and dine-in the restaurant.

Following government regulations and ensuring the health of their customers and staff, they have now began re-opening branches starting June 15, 2020.    ​For burgers, chips and ribs, TGIFRIDAYS Bonifacio High Street, Alabang Town Center,​SM MOA, Glorietta, ​Evia are open from 10 am to 6 pm.  For pizza, pasta and hearty Itaian dishes, ITALIANNI’S is open at ​BGC, Ayala North Exchange, Greenbelt, Glorietta​, Eastwood, ​Evia, Midtown, Alabang Town Center, Vista Mall Sta. Rosa is open from 10 am to 6 pm except Vista Mall and Midtown which starts at 11am. For all day breakfast lovers, DENNY’S is open at Uptown Parade, ​Midtown, Eastwood, ​Vista Mall from 8 am to 6 pm sans Uptown which closes at 7 pm. Steaks and grubs at TEXAS ROADHOUSE can now be tasted at  ​Greenbelt and inside Italianni’s Evia Lifestyle Center from 10 am to 6 pm. For Chinese/Shanghai based cusine, MODERN SHANGHAI is open at the ​Evia Lifestyle Center ​NOMO (Vista North of Molino) which opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. Sushi lovers would love to dine at WATAMI Ayala North Exchange or their stores inside TGIFridays Glorietta, TGIFridays Bonifacio High Street, TGIFridays SM MOA, TGIFridays Alabang Town Center, and soon TGIFridays Evia NOMO opens from 10am to 6pm. Fave wing place BUFFALO WILD WINGS only offers take-out and delivery services, specifically the one inside Denny’s Vista Mall and Denny’s Uptown.  

Now there’s no more reason to skip your favorites from these Bistro Group Restaurants because they’re all open, just for you! So, shall we order take out?!


Taiwan Excellence’s “Stay-At-Home Economy” Starts Fight Versus Pandemic and Boredom

Sunday, June 21, 2020

COVID-19 has affected tons of people, closed businesses and wreaked havoc in the economy. People stayed at home for the most, and got bored in the process. They started doing things left and right, and let their creative genius take the wheel.

Taiwan sets a good example of how to successfully contain the virus. Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Deputy Director General Guann-Jyh Lee attributes these with the cooperation of all citizens and industries plus the measures they have taken while they stay-at-home. They want to share how they did it. For better health, they encouraged home workouts, to stay warm after sweating and be hydrated by water to fend off disease.

Taiwan Excellence selected three award-winning companies namely Strength Master, Victory and the AROFLY for the latest home exercise trends. Things that could better cardiopulmonary conditions, muscle strength, and overall health. Strength Master’s cycle boxer has interactive boxing games that can simultaneously train brain response. It also imoroves cardiopulmonary function. This makes it fun to do boxing! Muscle strength training also improves physique and immunity. Victory, got Olympics Weightlifting silver medalist Ying-Chi Lu to do weight training on Victory’s shock-absorbing mats. It reduces vibration and noise while lifting barbells. It just makes training at home an enjoyable feat. AROFLY used smart technology to move cycling into homes. Now with stats, everyone can workout smart at home and burn fat effectively.

This also raised sales of home and fitness products by 20 percent, helping tons of businesses survive during the pandemic. Taiwan Excellence has chosen the best of the best Taiwanese companies putting their seal on it. There are tons more of them who would likely celebrate Taiwan's zero new coronavirus cases, I envy them! Make sure to look for the seal when you buy products, Taiwan Excellence takes good steps in making your home smart and disease free, you're doing your share to fight against the disease and boredom.

Now I want my own bike from Taiwan :(


PLDT Enterprise Launches Beyond Fiber

Monday, June 15, 2020

Had the time of my life listening in to executives and media during the Beyond Fiber event. Their call is adapt, evolve, become better, faster, rediscover and reinvent. This is their way for us to step into a new day. They are offering Business Grade Fiber connections at 2,500 pesos a month plus a lot of other things.

Business Offers

In these difficult moments, growth takes place. It allows PLDT Enterprise to discover more despite the odds. This is beyond connectivity PLDT Enterprise offers, they call it Beyond Fiber.

They were excited to tell us about how PLDT Enterprise will support business enterprises.

Jojo Gendrano says “5-10 MBPS was okay before, about 80 percent are millennials and e-commerce consumers are included. We are now up by 25% in data usage, businesses of all sizes need to be connected and invested in infrastructure of about 322,000 km of fiber optic cables, and these are essentials to more reliable connectivity in the workplace. It goes to say they need IT support, cashless transactions, curated digital tools and service they deserve. They will have dedicated enterprise support to deliver more value for our end customers. For telecommute and work from home networks, we will provide the same policies as their offices for security and the guidelines they have.”

Gary Ignacio VP For Fixed Core Services PLDT Enterprise “We make sure to deliver at least 50 Mbps on Business Grade Fiber. A wifi fit for enterprise which is Cisco Meraki including cloud services to manage and view things remotely. This is ideal for stores and branches, enhanced security, separate business and customer networks to look beyond just fiber. This is just 2,500 per month including taxes. This includes Microsoft 365, included in packages. We also have ePLDT Cyber Security Endpoint Advanced Security, we will also work with PayMaya for credit card and cashless with QR codes. New easy to deploy wifi solutions, managed equipment so employees can connect to their network and do VPN if they are working remotely. ”

Orlando Vea of Voyager Innovations says “Cashless and Contactless solutions is King. There’s no need to prove that point now. For SME’s, you can do PayMaya. We are more about the digital wallet, we are here to help you get payment options like credit cards, debit cards, prepaid, online, give solutions like our big customers.”

They will be providing it FREE for the first three months. They want to be able to help and prioritizing needs accordingly. It’s available for businesses of all sizes, the idea is to provide stable fiber and build create support businesses. Beyond Fiber is a promise to enterprise customers, developed for SME’s in mind, to leverage the fiber and make it as cheap as possible to start up our economy. When it comes to Beyond Fiber, this will help a lot of people and make people thing about solid fiber solutions that businesses should get.

Wifi, landline, add ons like a secure network gateway (VPN via Cisco Meraki), other solutions soon. For existing customers, it will be seamless as it will be done like the upgrade process of PLDT. Only for Php 2,500. Now go ahead and ask about it, you’re going to make your network better and so much more!

Look Beyond Fiber!


UNIQLO Polo Shirt Collection for the Modern Man

UNIQLO is staple, where every occasion meets clothing from their racks. Their LifeWear philosophy still stands to create clothing for everyone and every occasion. Recently, they launched the UNIQLO Polo Shirt Collection. Using new styles, new fabrics, using state of the art textile technology, they've delved into what has been close to me style wise. I love polo shirts, and they did not disappoint in this line.

Refined but happy, smart casual too. Tops made of PET bottles are possible now with Dry Ex technology. They also have Airism to get that cool feel when you wear them, take a look at these pieces they released recently.

AIRism Jersey Short-Sleeve Open Collar Polo Shirt

Easy to wear which you can wear the whole day.

AIRism Pique Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Easy clean look with Airism. 

Cotton Oversized Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

Inspired by workwear and military clothing.

Dry Pique Designed Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt
Max comfort in clothing that dries fast.

Dry Pique Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt
Dry characteristics using Kanoko material for a more smooth and comfortable feel.

DRY-EX Pique Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt
This one dries sweat and moisture quickly. It also has anti-microbial and anti-odor tech made up of 42% recycled polyester from PET bottles. Amazing!

All good everyday clothing which you can get at UNIQLO Philippines’ website and social media accounts on Facebook ( or Twitter ( and on Instagram (