PLDT Enterprise Launches Beyond Fiber

Monday, June 15, 2020

Had the time of my life listening in to executives and media during the Beyond Fiber event. Their call is adapt, evolve, become better, faster, rediscover and reinvent. This is their way for us to step into a new day. They are offering Business Grade Fiber connections at 2,500 pesos a month plus a lot of other things.

Business Offers

In these difficult moments, growth takes place. It allows PLDT Enterprise to discover more despite the odds. This is beyond connectivity PLDT Enterprise offers, they call it Beyond Fiber.

They were excited to tell us about how PLDT Enterprise will support business enterprises.

Jojo Gendrano says “5-10 MBPS was okay before, about 80 percent are millennials and e-commerce consumers are included. We are now up by 25% in data usage, businesses of all sizes need to be connected and invested in infrastructure of about 322,000 km of fiber optic cables, and these are essentials to more reliable connectivity in the workplace. It goes to say they need IT support, cashless transactions, curated digital tools and service they deserve. They will have dedicated enterprise support to deliver more value for our end customers. For telecommute and work from home networks, we will provide the same policies as their offices for security and the guidelines they have.”

Gary Ignacio VP For Fixed Core Services PLDT Enterprise “We make sure to deliver at least 50 Mbps on Business Grade Fiber. A wifi fit for enterprise which is Cisco Meraki including cloud services to manage and view things remotely. This is ideal for stores and branches, enhanced security, separate business and customer networks to look beyond just fiber. This is just 2,500 per month including taxes. This includes Microsoft 365, included in packages. We also have ePLDT Cyber Security Endpoint Advanced Security, we will also work with PayMaya for credit card and cashless with QR codes. New easy to deploy wifi solutions, managed equipment so employees can connect to their network and do VPN if they are working remotely. ”

Orlando Vea of Voyager Innovations says “Cashless and Contactless solutions is King. There’s no need to prove that point now. For SME’s, you can do PayMaya. We are more about the digital wallet, we are here to help you get payment options like credit cards, debit cards, prepaid, online, give solutions like our big customers.”

They will be providing it FREE for the first three months. They want to be able to help and prioritizing needs accordingly. It’s available for businesses of all sizes, the idea is to provide stable fiber and build create support businesses. Beyond Fiber is a promise to enterprise customers, developed for SME’s in mind, to leverage the fiber and make it as cheap as possible to start up our economy. When it comes to Beyond Fiber, this will help a lot of people and make people thing about solid fiber solutions that businesses should get.

Wifi, landline, add ons like a secure network gateway (VPN via Cisco Meraki), other solutions soon. For existing customers, it will be seamless as it will be done like the upgrade process of PLDT. Only for Php 2,500. Now go ahead and ask about it, you’re going to make your network better and so much more!

Look Beyond Fiber!


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