Shopping for Essentials

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Everybody was going crazy about the recent sale in Lazada. I on the other hand was staring blankly on the screen and just put this on my wishlist. It's a Fat Bike, well yeah it's in my cart but I have to think of essentials at home and prioritize accordingly.

So I just went to official stores and began picking up items like food, toiletries and things I need around the house because we're all still staying at home. The GCQ isn't a term we take lightly and perhaps, that's the best thing to do unless we do have a vaccine for COVID-19. I asked everyone about what they needed at home, some items were available too at Lazada so I put them all in one order and used the PayMaya voucher in Lazada to take 200 pesos off my purchase. That saved me a lot and in turn, get a lot more to purchase in the app, putting food on the table.

Things really have changed in the recent months, I am glad to have been able to use PayMaya for my essentials. They also gave a lot of these vouchers to others, which I hope, like mine, was put to good use. There have been no charges in between too, that's a good thing. I heard they're gonna give out more on the PayMaya App and other ones soon. Wish I could afford that bike though LOL ­čśé

Maybe it's time you use PayMaya. I'm glad I did!


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