Taiwan Excellence’s “Stay-At-Home Economy” Starts Fight Versus Pandemic and Boredom

Sunday, June 21, 2020

COVID-19 has affected tons of people, closed businesses and wreaked havoc in the economy. People stayed at home for the most, and got bored in the process. They started doing things left and right, and let their creative genius take the wheel.

Taiwan sets a good example of how to successfully contain the virus. Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Deputy Director General Guann-Jyh Lee attributes these with the cooperation of all citizens and industries plus the measures they have taken while they stay-at-home. They want to share how they did it. For better health, they encouraged home workouts, to stay warm after sweating and be hydrated by water to fend off disease.

Taiwan Excellence selected three award-winning companies namely Strength Master, Victory and the AROFLY for the latest home exercise trends. Things that could better cardiopulmonary conditions, muscle strength, and overall health. Strength Master’s cycle boxer has interactive boxing games that can simultaneously train brain response. It also imoroves cardiopulmonary function. This makes it fun to do boxing! Muscle strength training also improves physique and immunity. Victory, got Olympics Weightlifting silver medalist Ying-Chi Lu to do weight training on Victory’s shock-absorbing mats. It reduces vibration and noise while lifting barbells. It just makes training at home an enjoyable feat. AROFLY used smart technology to move cycling into homes. Now with stats, everyone can workout smart at home and burn fat effectively.

This also raised sales of home and fitness products by 20 percent, helping tons of businesses survive during the pandemic. Taiwan Excellence has chosen the best of the best Taiwanese companies putting their seal on it. There are tons more of them who would likely celebrate Taiwan's zero new coronavirus cases, I envy them! Make sure to look for the seal when you buy products, Taiwan Excellence takes good steps in making your home smart and disease free, you're doing your share to fight against the disease and boredom.

Now I want my own bike from Taiwan :(


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