Papa Jack Officially Leaves Love Radio

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ever wondered why Papa Jack went missing on Love Radio? He's the hit show host of TLC: True Love Confessions and he's been teaching a lot of love struck Filipinos for over 12 years about how to deal with love, with being real and tells it like it is. He suddenly went missing during mid December and people have been looking for him. According to a source, the talented radio jock seems to have resigned from his radio station amidst conflicts with management and his career decisions. This really caught us, his listeners really off guard.

He's currently being sought for by other radio stations and TV Networks but have decided take a short break first but plans to put up a radio show and podcast very soon. Now isn't that more exciting? Aside from that, you'll hear him no holds barred and you'll get an even better version of this guy in the future shows. I wonder where he's going to next? 

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Mario and his Friends in McDonalds Happy Meal

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

If you haven't seen it yet, McDonalds released new toys for the McDonalds Happy Meal! It's just in time for the Super Mario Run release last December 15 and I've been playing it for a couple of days already. Although not all of these guys are on the game, the history was enough to spark interest with these cool guys who have already been part of my childhood and they're going to be part of this generation. That's something really good.

Yoshi here is an Egg Sticker Dispenser. Just roll out the strip using that grooved dial and let him lat eggs of different colors and sizes! Pretty neat!

The enemies are also in cute stuff, King Koopa just brought his manual spinning plane which you can twist around nunerous times and he still won't be dizzy! At least he won't bother Mario :)

Princess Toadstool brought her pretty dress and umbrella but you can find tons of stickers underneath her skirt, just pop it open like a bottle and you'll see her favorites like flowers and stuff, most little girls chose her, so stores might run out of these very soon!

Cute and bubbly, Toad would love to wave at you all day! Jusy click the notch on his back and his arms and hands would go up and down. Like airplanes would stop if he's around, but not if it's Koopa on the plane of course!

Ever hated these ghosts? Boo can give you a fright while his tounge goes from side to side. Now think about it, if he's chasing you while you're getting those coins, wouldn't that be scary? I bet!

This one is cute, the Small Mario with the Question Mark Box that gets you a star when you hit it. This is a super nice piece!

My favorite character of all, spins like there's no tomorrow. He'll surely hit other characters if they're around. I will still play with him if he's in the game!

Super Mario complete with sound effects so you can hear him jump and jump and jump whenever he needs to and want too. Again, you can get him FREE in every McDonalds Happy Meal so rush to stores before the month ends!

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Maisen Opens Restaurant with a Japanese Bar at Shangrila BGC

Monday, December 26, 2016

I'm so excited to tell you about this. This is Maisen Shangrila BGC and we've featured their restaurant a couple of months ago when they opened shop at SM Megamall. There's no stopping them. Maisen is first and foremost a Tonkatsu house and they serve premier meat dishes, but their Kurobota Meat is by far the best in Manila. I've had the chance to actually try their dishes ahead of the public via their special invitation. I was a little late so I didn't get to talk with the other bloggers, but that's a good thing since I'd be enjoying the food and ambiance myself without peer influence, turned out like a good thing eh? :)

This is a sight to behold, their Shio Pork. Shio means salt which is basically the only seasoning the pork needs when it's lightly roasted/fried. It comes in a set so you can wrap it up with lettuce leaves and dab a little of everything like the chili, put in radish, scallions, Kimuchi and even the Philippine calamansi. You must have this hot so you could get to eat it while on a soft state. You can't really reheat it and they use a steel pot for obvious reasons. Make sure you eat it fast!

This is the Oshi Meshi Unagi. It's grilled eel slices that's smoky, sweet and savory, put on top of white Japanese rice. It haunted me in the next few days because I was craving for it. It was still flaky when I bit it, but it's designed to be devoured in one mouthful. I didn't want any sauce on it as it's good on it's own. This is one of their new dishes in this joint. It's super good if you're a fish lover!

This Maisen branch in Shangrila BGC is special because it's the only one that's got a full working wet bar with classically Japanese trained bartender as they want you to experience the exceptional city that never sleeps, like as if Tokyo/Ginza District would be brought to Manila. Now it ain't your typical bars with some lazy drinks that they could probably whip up to, they've got specials and I've had the opportunity to taste them. My personal favorite was the Pineapple Vodka and they did it with flare. To let you get that experience too, I've shot a short video of my Maisen visit. Here you go!

So now you've got Maisen in SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Greenbelt 5 and the newly opened one in Maisen  in Shangrila Mall at BGC. You've got a dining destination plotted out for you and it's time you try their drinks, especially my personal favorite the Pineapple Vodka. Please ask for it when you're in Maisen's Bar and I assure you, you're never going to have another look at Vodka the same way again! 

Trust me on the vodka LOL!


For more information about their restaurant:
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Swiss Miss Launches New Chocolate Hazelnut Flavor

Saturday, December 24, 2016

The sweet life. It's always a dream to have that and just recently, Swiss Miss launched a brand new flavor with their newest endorser Anne Curtis Smith. 

It was done in grand ceremonies at the Venice Piazza Mall in Taguig City with Swiss Miss unveiling my current favorite drink, the SWISS MISS CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT drink. It's in boxes and in separate sachets. They also have it in individual packages if you prefer to have it per cup!

I even got a care package from Anne Curtis with it and a Biscotti since it's the holidays! Now wouldn't this be a perfect gift for your loved ones too?!

Thank you SWISS MISS!

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Pablo's Best: The Premium Cheesecake

This cute little package arrived in my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. I know it's the holidays and I've been a little too excited about PABLO. They just opened shop at Robinsons Place Manila and Bonifacio High Street. I've been loving their cheese tarts since they set up shop in Manila. When I'm hearing people talk about it, sometimes they take it to extremes. My suggestion, you have to try it first. I for one LOVE this so much I have it whenever I am in the Robinsons Place Manila branch. The Pablo Justbaked Cheese Cake are divine, a little tart on top, rich, creamy, fluffy and cheesy on the center. I have another preference though, I don't like it freshly baked (even though it was intended to be served like that), I super LOVE it when it's frozen or cold as for me, it brings out a more intense cheese flavor which you probably are all gonna be fond of. Don't call me weird, I just like it like that. I like the other thing on their menu too. This is the PABLO PREMIUM CHEESE CAKE

The PABLO PREMIUM CHEESECAKE is on a different level. It's super intense cheesecake flavor is accented with the crème brûlée. They probably have done a similar process to have the same slightly burnt sugar flavor on top. It is super intense as I mentioned so even a small amount would get you in cheesecake heaven in minutes. I am not joking. You get that flavor from the cheesecake then a little better with the caramelized sugar on top, ahh it was just heaven!

I've had about 2 slices in one sitting, I would suggest that you have this shared with friends and family instead because it can go a long way. You might need someone else to stop you from eating this as it might prove a little addicting. I've already had about three of these since the beginning of December so don't be surprised you'll do the same when you're in PABLO Cheesetart Philippine stores in Robinsons Place Manila or in BGC. I am not joking.


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BAGA Manila Grills Weekends at Amaia Steps Pasig

I've been witness to the fun outdoor cooking of BAGA Manila in AMAIA Land STEPS Sucat and STEPS Bicutan. With fun, fare and a lot of grilled goodies, you'll get to enjoy tons of pork, beef, seafood and street goodies in this place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. BAGA Manila is an association of street food stall owners and they've been around the metro presenting the best of the best of what the Philippines can offer. AMAIA has always been able to present itself as a relaxed community and even though you're living in prime real estate, they're never going to be boring because there are going to be tons of activities to do even inside the property. They also have been building these medium rise buildings with shops on the ground floor, because they think of you so much that all you need is going to be just a few floors down.

Amaia Steps Pasig is going to be the same and more. Located at the residential district of Eusebio Avenue in San Miguel Pasig City, you'll get to experience BAGA Manila first hand even if there are only 2 buildings operational namely Aria and Eperanza. That means that residents of all the 424 residential units and nearby communities would be able to enjoy what the other STEPS projects were able to have. I've seen some similarities in design from the Studio, De Luxe and Premier units. I have to say though that even if it's inside Pasig City, it's access to transportation whether land or even via ferries is just a few minutes away. You can also ride a jeep and get to malls like Tiendesitas and Robinsons Galleria.

74 families are currently there already enjoying the amenities like the Clubhouse, the swimming pool, the salons, a deli, a play area and The Shops (their retail area!). You don't even have to go far when you're in AMAIA Steps Pasig. There are still units available and are move in ready. Just signify your intent with their channels below and you could enjoy the same fun they're having in this sprawling community!

I want to go back to AMAIA Steps now!


For more information about their property:
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Paolo Ballesteros and Jun Lana for Die Beautiful

Friday, December 23, 2016

Die Beautiful is this year's most awaited film in the Metro Manila Film Festival. It was pitched in Hong Kong and was invited to join the Tokyo Film Festival. They pushed their luck and eventually won awards and accolades, but what was even better was the reaction of the viewers who were found crying, laughing, having fun while watching the movie. This was Director Jun Lana's vision when they made the film, and they felt surreal when it eventually won these awards.

During the blog conference a few days ago, Direk Jun Lana told us "The story came first, it was our anniversary in New York (he is Married to Executive Producer Perci Intalan) and we had to do something to dedicate for Jennifer Laude, a transgender woman who was murdered in Olongapo by a US Army Soldier. I didn't want it to be depressing, so in telling the story we needed to find people to vouch him, and love him (Paolo's character). 

We asked Paolo to auditon when we had the material ready. I didn't want to lead him on but during reading, we knew it was distinctly for him. We knew he was going to be the star! We had to make sure we use time efficiently and take scenes while he was doing makeup for a character since that takes 3 hours. We had to make sure we do justice for his makeup transformations, this is a different level. He doesn't even look at photos, he just does it on set so it was genius. Yes, I was worried about the acceptance in Tokyo because this was made for the Filipino market. In Kerala, there were people on the floor during the screening, it was that popular. I want that to happen here in the Philippines. I want this to do good in the box office. 

We are already blessed with awards and we couldn't be happier! We're doing our rounds now, going to provinces, going to public markets, schools, different places. Dying beautiful is maintaining dignity up to the last moment. Pao's vulnerability is there but he shares it, he doesn't want to shortcut at all and that's great for an actor, he was very easy and fun to work with. I'm not trying to educate anyone, but I'm trying to just have fun and love the story. Hopefully after telling the story it would humanize the issues but not politicize it. The very heart of it is Paolo's performance and it's his character, the audience were very noisy in Tokyo and they were touched."

Paolo adds "Maybe in the looks, we talked about it. I had to bring my diva light so we could get the full effect for the movie. I had to do about 9 makeup transformations. It was hard because I had to do makeup and do the acting, it was hard and it took time. It's not for everyday, I had to make sure the other lights are right before we roll the camera. 

This is my first title role and it was fit specifically for me, I wanted to do a different Paolo that you see almost everyday in Eat Bulaga. I didn't really do it for the awards, and when I saw it, it was worth it. Every dramatic scene, I needed to do about 3 versions, and I never found this tiring. I've been in showbiz for 16 years and I say GO! I'm very confident this is going to do good, I hope we help the Filipino independent producers. In the story, there are connections to the transformations. It's one of the reasons why you should see it. I get inspired when I watch these celebrities so their thing on TV and when my stash of wigs match that person, I'd try to draw them on my face and see if they match. Then I get surprised the person I wanted to do appears in the mirror. It's more challenging if they don't have strong features because it's in the details. 

I was frightened to actually be in a casket, but due to our experience in Eat Bulaga, we got to experience that as a joke first. When the camera's rolling, I was more nervous and moved a lot so I was very conscious to not breathe and move my eyes. I challenge myself and being an artist, it feels good to be appreciated. I had all the time in the world during that shoot as it was the time I had off with Eat Bulaga."

Now if you're still thinking of what to watch this Christmas for the Metro Manila Film Festival, make sure it's DIE BEAUTIFUL just to see why it got the nod of the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Kerala Film Festival (who didn't have a best actor category but made one from the judges as he was really that good!). They promise you will enjoy watching this film so if I were you, I'd have this on my list!

Watch it because Lady Gagi said so!

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Credit Card Payments For Businesses

It's the holidays already and we all know how lucrative that is for businesses in the country. Throngs of people line up for huge sales, humongous food bazaars and just about anything to get that product you probably are selling. In this day and age, people won't carry cash that much when shopping. If you're a little late putting up credit card terminals, that would mean a little more than about 40% of your business going down the drain.That won't be a good thing if you're just starting off and you don't have the best credit card swiper yet. Maybe it's time to do so. Although we do all understand the hesitation brought about by rising credit card processing costs. You compute things in your mind because you have to think of the rising production costs and try not to add it to the existing products worth because the last thing you would want to do is have the customer bear it all. How do you keep the costs down though? That is the question.

Looking for low credit card processing charges would mean you would have to go around and ask. It's not enough to just look at what's posted on their website as sometimes there might be some hidden charges they don't want you to know. You have to experience purchasing them, ask other merchants about what they feel would be the apt one for the business they run. Of course, it would also be best to get a wireless credit card reader because it would be convenient without the cables in every transaction. It would be easier for you and the customer.

If you've made up your mind, make sure that your credit card payment processor also has other services in their portfolio. You can't just rely on low rates if their other services don't make it easy for you to do business. It would be better if they provide free merchant accounts which would mean more business for you, for the processors and convenience with the one that should benefit the most, your customers. Much like what Merchant Account Solutions does in a normal day. You should never short change people because they're paying hard earned money just like you do. So choose wisely!


Great Man Bags at URBAN TRAVELLER & CO.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It's been a journey, to mostly find an apt place to find a classy, luxurious but very useful man bags in the Philippines. It's a young concept, to think of a "carry" culture in Southeast Asia, but it is happening. To even think that it's manly to call it a "man" bag must have raised the eyebrows of a lot people, but it all comes to function, to reliability, priorities, and of course looking good. Anybody in their right mind shouldn't always call it hipster, but you're free to call it that. Then when we visited a store called URBAN TRAVELLER & CO. at the 3rd Floor of Greenbelt 5 a few days ago, I just felt I was in man bag heaven!

This is their pop up store and they've got another one in Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. You might think it's a little intimidating, but really it's a one stop shop for all things you'll love as a man, or for your man. Now I know it's the holidays and if you haven't thought of a gift for a guy friend, a loved one or relative, this place will not only give you the answers, but may just confuse you because there's a LOT of them here! It's already curated, so you're assured that the only things that are inside the show are already hand picked items that has passed the standards of the Urban Traveller Co. management, who themselves have been using these products. Designer brands from all around the world, it was bound to be good and I took the liberty of taking photos of some of the best!

Now I beg your pardon for not taking mental notes of the bag manufacturer, but I think this is from Venque. It's a travel and accessories brand from Toronto, Canada. What I like mostly from this bag is that it's not your run of the mill knapsack. It's different in construction and feels like a handy duffle/duffel bag made of strong fabric. Now all you need to do is carry this around with a huge beard, a beanie and perhaps some really cool leather boots.

Now this one is a little special. It's from a brand called AKABA, a bag made in the Philippines. Nope, you're not seeing things. I actually have come across them several times in blogging events and they've been really good at making people know about the communities they help. If you notice the flaps on this one, they're made of indigenous fabric made by natives of Mindoro. They also do it in different parts of the Philippines like the ones in the north, even down south in Mindanao. Think of the lives you help improve just by patronizing this one eh? Plus it's a great heritage rucksack made of quality leather and fabric.   

TV5 Outs Brillante Mendoza Presents

Monday, December 19, 2016

You will be in for a treat as TV5 brings in a new addition to theie lineup of programs. You've been witness to the success of Brillante Mendoza and how he has worked so steadfastly to put the Philippines in the movie world map. He's won Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival for his masterpiece Kinatay. He also was instrumental for Jaclyn Jose's portrayal of Ma'Rosa that earned her the Best Actress Award. He's now bringing that same quality into TV via this new show called Brilliante Mendoza Presents to feature made for TV movies on Television once a month. Isn't that awesome news? 

Coach Chot Reyes says "It's our honor to present our most exciting surprise this 2017. As early as January we're going to have a made for TV movie on Brilante Mendoza Presents. We are continuing our content that hasn't been seen on local television and who else to do it but the best, Director Brillante Mendoza. It will start January but come February we are going to have a mini series called AMO with Derek Ramsay talking about the Chinese Community. The message is that we are open for partnerships, just come to us and we are not bound by anything so we can co produce if you present to us. We are an alternative, we are another choice. It's going to run every last Saturday of every month but we're going to air January 21 because we have the last Saturday for Miss Universe."

Direk Brillante adds "We will shoot in the entire country and we will feature stories from the provinces. We will focus on characters as we go along, even talk about the illegal drug trade. There will also be other film makers that I am going to work with. We will have full length films, with the goal of featuring them on international festival. I'm really excited to work with TV5. Aside from TV5 talents, we have indie actors and focus on the content rather than the stars. For the first episode an actual performer because it's needed on the Dragon Dance. For the series, Derek will be there. If we get them, we'll let you know as soon as the teasers for January are ready you'll see them all on TV early that month."

Now you can watch his films on free TV and expect world class television programs on D5 Studio and TV5. 

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SM Mall of Asia Opens New Cinemas!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I went out with Team Suspects earlier this week, with the goal of watching ROGUE ONE which is an installment of STAR WARS. I was a little excited and thought it wasn't gonna be good, but actually it was one of the nicest episodes of the franchise. I don't want to post spoilers so I'll just rate it at 8/10, I have high standards so let's keep it at that. I think my rating was a little high too because it felt so cozy where I watched it. We were the first ones to actually use the new SM CINEMA 7 & 8 theaters which they have just opened this week.

It's located at the right side of SM MALL OF ASIA just outside Centerstage. Aside from the extra clear and crisp videos (thanks to the top of the line digital projector Christie CCP 215 and Surround Technology), it's got these super nice seats too that recline a bit so you get to feel pampered and ready for viewing from the moment you stretch your legs in this new cinema. They even have PWD access on the cinema and lavatories too!

You don't have to worry about the food too because they've got tons of choices at Grub Central, you can even eat before the screening because they've got a lounge outside where you can stay and do stuff if you're schedule is on a later time. You can also book tickets now at, so you don't have to lineup at all! 

Now who's in the mood to watch a movie? I'm sure you would!

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