DELL Launches Powerful Inspiron Gaming Laptops

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

We all love gaming and we're not done yet because DELL is coming out with a new gaming laptop line designed for casual laptop gamers. Would you believe? A gaming laptop that doesn't look like a gaming laptop, presentable even in the office and very capable for play too. 

Dell Country Manager Chris Papa says "We're catering to a booming segment in the market today. People are actually going towards gaming use specific for casual gamers that have gone back using their laptops and use it for productivity as well. It will allow you to use it with heavy graphics, as for the last few quarters we are growing our business in double digits in different segments and we're excited to show you what we have in the new Dell Inspiron series."

Dell's Alvin Ibaña, Brand Manager for Desktops adds "You can now use laptops like the Inspiron Gaming laptops with specs that could satisfy real gamers like you and me. The Inspiron 15700 are professional looking laptops, need not be like a spaceship using the latest Intel processors and GTX 4G DDR5 graphics  that can support 4K and FHD resolution. It also has got a dual fan thermal system that won't get your unit to overheat, plus a subwoofer so you can hear great sounds when you need to play. Dell also has really good after sales support plus a premium one so if you get your laptop broken, our people can diagnose and let technicians go to you instead. Dell also has excellent gaming monitors like the S2716DG so hardcore gamers that are used to desktops can now enjoy an even better gaming experience when you need it." 

The Dell Inspiron 157000 starts at 49,990 for the full hd version i5. The 4K display is at 69,990 and uses i7. 

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