Maisen Opens Restaurant with a Japanese Bar at Shangrila BGC

Monday, December 26, 2016

I'm so excited to tell you about this. This is Maisen Shangrila BGC and we've featured their restaurant a couple of months ago when they opened shop at SM Megamall. There's no stopping them. Maisen is first and foremost a Tonkatsu house and they serve premier meat dishes, but their Kurobota Meat is by far the best in Manila. I've had the chance to actually try their dishes ahead of the public via their special invitation. I was a little late so I didn't get to talk with the other bloggers, but that's a good thing since I'd be enjoying the food and ambiance myself without peer influence, turned out like a good thing eh? :)

This is a sight to behold, their Shio Pork. Shio means salt which is basically the only seasoning the pork needs when it's lightly roasted/fried. It comes in a set so you can wrap it up with lettuce leaves and dab a little of everything like the chili, put in radish, scallions, Kimuchi and even the Philippine calamansi. You must have this hot so you could get to eat it while on a soft state. You can't really reheat it and they use a steel pot for obvious reasons. Make sure you eat it fast!

This is the Oshi Meshi Unagi. It's grilled eel slices that's smoky, sweet and savory, put on top of white Japanese rice. It haunted me in the next few days because I was craving for it. It was still flaky when I bit it, but it's designed to be devoured in one mouthful. I didn't want any sauce on it as it's good on it's own. This is one of their new dishes in this joint. It's super good if you're a fish lover!

This Maisen branch in Shangrila BGC is special because it's the only one that's got a full working wet bar with classically Japanese trained bartender as they want you to experience the exceptional city that never sleeps, like as if Tokyo/Ginza District would be brought to Manila. Now it ain't your typical bars with some lazy drinks that they could probably whip up to, they've got specials and I've had the opportunity to taste them. My personal favorite was the Pineapple Vodka and they did it with flare. To let you get that experience too, I've shot a short video of my Maisen visit. Here you go!

So now you've got Maisen in SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Greenbelt 5 and the newly opened one in Maisen  in Shangrila Mall at BGC. You've got a dining destination plotted out for you and it's time you try their drinks, especially my personal favorite the Pineapple Vodka. Please ask for it when you're in Maisen's Bar and I assure you, you're never going to have another look at Vodka the same way again! 

Trust me on the vodka LOL!


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