Pablo's Best: The Premium Cheesecake

Saturday, December 24, 2016

This cute little package arrived in my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. I know it's the holidays and I've been a little too excited about PABLO. They just opened shop at Robinsons Place Manila and Bonifacio High Street. I've been loving their cheese tarts since they set up shop in Manila. When I'm hearing people talk about it, sometimes they take it to extremes. My suggestion, you have to try it first. I for one LOVE this so much I have it whenever I am in the Robinsons Place Manila branch. The Pablo Justbaked Cheese Cake are divine, a little tart on top, rich, creamy, fluffy and cheesy on the center. I have another preference though, I don't like it freshly baked (even though it was intended to be served like that), I super LOVE it when it's frozen or cold as for me, it brings out a more intense cheese flavor which you probably are all gonna be fond of. Don't call me weird, I just like it like that. I like the other thing on their menu too. This is the PABLO PREMIUM CHEESE CAKE

The PABLO PREMIUM CHEESECAKE is on a different level. It's super intense cheesecake flavor is accented with the crème brûlée. They probably have done a similar process to have the same slightly burnt sugar flavor on top. It is super intense as I mentioned so even a small amount would get you in cheesecake heaven in minutes. I am not joking. You get that flavor from the cheesecake then a little better with the caramelized sugar on top, ahh it was just heaven!

I've had about 2 slices in one sitting, I would suggest that you have this shared with friends and family instead because it can go a long way. You might need someone else to stop you from eating this as it might prove a little addicting. I've already had about three of these since the beginning of December so don't be surprised you'll do the same when you're in PABLO Cheesetart Philippine stores in Robinsons Place Manila or in BGC. I am not joking.


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