Eugene Domingo and Jericho Rosales for "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2"

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Eugene Domingo is going to make you fall in love, like romantically in love and still make you laugh. Jericho Rosales gives more of his leading man material, but transforms into a monster for comedy, that's what the Director promises in this Graded A film called "Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2". This is their official entry to the Metro Manila Film Fest 2016.

Eugene says "Chris Martinez knows me very well and it wasn't hard. My character had little bits of my life on it. After you watch this, you'll get a sense why she had to be difficult in this film. It was easy to shoot and we even had time to drink after the first few days. We have a different material now and we're making a sweet romantic comedy film. This is the perfect cast, perfect script, a perfect family movie for Christmas!"

Jericho Rosales says "I think it's the script that mostly builds the comedy here. We have food actors but if you really listen to the words we utter on the film, you get it why we did it. I even did a VERY passionate kissing scene and I can imagine it close to a spanish telenovela. It's so good! This came at a time when I had time to explore, be a crazy guy but I was so happy to be with game changers. They have intellect, best 9 days in this project."

Kean Cipriano says "This was my first film and doing this again was so much fun. I've had issues in the first installment but this time, we had super nice shoots that's just happy. Even if we did it for 9 days, super fun!"

Just imagine Joel Torre and Jericho Rosales in one film, add great actors with Eugene Domingo, it's bound to be the top grosser this December 25. Visualize their punchlines, this is timely, it's very light, Eugene is here, it's funny, it's going to make you stay in a happy mood, it's also going to make you cry laughing, it's a good sequel, it's relateable, it's quality, it's been two years since she's gone, she's also in love now (with an Italian guy), relax and make sure it's on top of your list this Christmas!

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