Hillary Clinton is the next Secretary of State! ^_^

Sunday, November 30, 2008

How bout a round of applause! Standing Ovation! Oohwoohhooooh yeah! It ain't Rihanna but it's Hillary for the Secretary of State on Monday!

State Secretary Condoleeza Rice is not the only female that is going to be running the White house. Sources from the transition team of Barack Obama is not only going to be supported in the campaign by Hillary Clinton, she is also going to be the next Secretary of state!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, they are getting Hillary to perform this daunting task as state secretary. She will be the one tasked to go to other countries to represent the US. This is the highest she can go and I really know she can do international affairs. Who are we to undermine her performance as first lady right?

Now, it would be just funny that Bill would have more time alone...hahaha!


What's your gift for me?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

You have 26 days to go before you get me these gifts or else!

What's your gift for me? Is it too much to ask this Christmas season what I should get?! It's funny I know but there are a couple of things I would want to get for that most wonderful time of the year!

I’m a geek and my lifestyle demands I have enough things to support my luxuries in life. I don’t even want to think about that day where I won’t have any access whatsoever with my gadgets and electronic devices. That would just be unbearable and such a nightmare to think about.

An online store I dropped by offered 20% discount on the best things you could buy for me. I have lots of paperwork and I lost 4 years of email at work. I just would not want that to happen again so I implore you to get me storage. Yes my friends, I don’t ask too much so if you plan to buy me something I could use it would be just that. I need personalized holiday gifts and this is the only one I prefer.

Personalized Thumb Drives – I need this handy storage so I can easily plug and play with any computer I have do carry my documents in. The site offers it in 14 colors, 16GB of capacity and custom engraving (which you normally just see in expensive pen brands) all for free.

Personalized Pens – With the same engraving for free, you can get me this one for less than 2 dollars would you believe that?!

Business Card Flash Drives – It’s a unique gift. I remember eating out with my folks and I saw my former boss from SSS. He asked me for a business card after the little chat we had and guess what?! I didn’t have one. I was humiliated and kept thinking about it for months while laughing myself in misery because I did not have something so simple that executives should always carry around. Oh I’m still thinking about that! I’d probably go to my former office and give them this one so I’d look mighty cool.

Wooden USB Flash Drives – Well it’s a statement of course! You can’t find that much nature loving geeks around so if you are the type you can give me this one instead. It’s less than 16 dollars off the site if you want to get me one.

I know I am a little bit demanding but hey it’s Christmas anyway so why should I hold back asking you for what I want right?! Thanks in advance! I’m going to wait for those in the mail so don’t leave me out in the snow. Get me these great holiday gifts!




Mumbai Terror Attacks End : 160 Dead T_T

The Taj mahal Hotel in Mumbai, India engulfed in flames.

I watched CNN this morning and just heard horrible news. This is a sad day. 160 people are dead, among them are about 26 foreigners which comprise of Japanese, Australian, British and American guests of the hotel. 2 Filipinos were even among those left in the hotel for 2 days. They were not able to go out on the corridors and locked themselves inside 2 rooms drinking nothing but coffee in the ordeal.

It ended just today, but with the casualties amounting to these few foreigners and a lot of Indian civilians are just a shot in the arm for their government. A few strikes also were seen outside of Mumbai aside from this hotel. I hope people responsible for these attacks would be put to justice.

What if this happened to your country? What would you do huh?!


The Tactics to Win the War

Friday, November 28, 2008

n this era of unending active lifestyle, we need to wear comfortable clothes to adapt to this existence. I play war games every summer or when my friends from high school/college get together. The terrains for these activities are harsh and of course you can’t wear leather shoes, suits, or your handy dandy coat and tie for it. You must take the chance to gain advantage and win the rounds. This is where I suggest you check out Tactical Pants.

This is very popular in the Philippines if you ask me. These are not just ordinary cargo pants cut off to look fashionable. Each pocket and containment is made to fit every device and apparatus you need to survive the rugged landscape we’re getting into. Yes I know we were there to enjoy but there is always pride in winning. I engaged my so called enemies a few times and have understood that this isn’t "biological and chemical warfare" and "global thermonuclear war" but the bragging rights would be nice. The mountains and ditches we had to go through were ruthless. Not only did we have to scale a couple of kilometers just to reach the summit of a single mountain, we had to pass by 7 of them. It took 5 hours to go up and it was not even easy to go down either. The views were spectacular and I was never better while suited for the occasion. With the rounds we made, we won about 13 out of 20 attempts so in these terms we won them fair and square.

The website where I plan to get more of these garments from not only sold Tactical Pants but there are Saber Jackets, Hawk Glasses, Flashlights, Holsters, Utility Knives and Jumpsuits for more serious players. You won’t regret purchasing each one to gain the advantage that I had when I needed it most.


Mumbai, India Terror Attacks

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Firefighters try to douse a fire at the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India.

Photo by Associated Press

I watched CNN this morning and saw the attacks in Mumbai, India. I saw a lot of people dead... last count was 120 I think... and they are still holding some hostages. I know a couple of people in that city because of my work... and some of them are also my blogging friends. I together with other people are extremely worried. This is a true act of terror.

Muslim Militants thought to be tied to extremists outside of this country stormed railway systems, business establishments and now this hotel this Wednesday and Thursday in a so called coordinated attack against this country, their prime minister said.This is creepy, he's one of the terrorists who stormed the Taj Mahal Hotel. Look at his face OMG! O_O

World leaders are appalled by the said act and urged the government of India to take quick actions to stop this acts of terror throughout their country. I just hope this does not happen to yours or my neighborhood! I pray that everyone would be safe... and these terrorists be put to justice after these attacks. As of this writing they are still holding hostages inside the building and in different locations around India. Let us pray for them that they get through this.


Brooke Burke wins Dancing with the Stars!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ole! Brooke Burke wins this year's Danicng with the Stars! ^_^

It's over folks! And the lone winner of the grueling series of "Dancing with the Stars" is the one and only Brooke Burke!

Not only is she fabulous in bikinis and hosting E! Entertainment segments but she's all that too in the dance floor. Brooke by the way is already a mother of four in that body. She dominated the seventh season of the popular ABC dancing competition and bested former professional NFL player Warren Sapp and former 'NSync member Lance Bass during the Tuesday night finale, in which she did an emotional Viennese waltz routine that earned her a perfect score from the show's panel of judges.

I personally would have wanted my favorite Kim Kardashian to win but of course everybody knows what happened with her foot that got injured in the early stages of the competition. It really affected her performance and everyone noticed it. Anyway, I'm also happy this girl also won it. ^_^


Christmas Starts Now!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is really near. A month from now we will be celebrating the birth of Christ, my own personal savior!

In the Philippines, the season is quite a big deal. Celebration starts even as early as September. You'll see girls and boys selling lanterns on the streets, giving gifts, exchanging cards, some sing Christmas carols with one big joyful voice. This has been evidently the biggest holiday celebration every Filipino looks forward to.

Extended families are a common sight. Everybody recognize their Godparents at this time because they are somewhat obliged to gift giving whenever December 25th arrives. Yeah that even includes me! I'm not into that Godparent role much but in this culture, it is taboo for you to shy away from requests to do so. I've got about 10 godsons already and they are probably more than that. I've got one who in my mind to give a specific gift. I haven't seen my godson Ariel Joseph in such a long time. I've got to give him something he'll surely love so I'm checking online stores now. The kid is special to me since I got his mom and dad together when we were in college. I started to only tease them one day, then they ended up married. I think I have a niche for doing that to my friends. I saw one website that has the CARS play set. I would have bought this for myself but I think the kid should get one instead.

I'm sure he'll like this... I know he'll enjoy this one!
(Photo by megabrands.com)

I'll probably just get a dragons figurine for my self since I want one too. It's just going to be part of my toy collection. I know what you're thinking, but hey it's Christmas so give me a break! Let's enjoy the season and start giving! Christmas starts now! Please do visit the website where I got these MEGA Brands toys from and start getting something for your kids and loved ones too!
Cool huh?! Even I like them that much!


American Music Awards 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

was at AWE when I watched the American Music Awards... the performances were spectacular! I had a great time watching Rihanna, Annie Lennox, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Beyonce. Beyonce obviously stole the show as she did a spectacular number...

Award winners were all voted by fans in the Magz mentioned there. A lot who won were really expected. Kanye West by the way said that he wanna be like Elvis.... that was controversial I guess.

Here are some of the highlights... but I'll put in Beyonce last since that is the best one okay?! ^_^

Rihanna wore a cute gown...she was beside BF Chris Brown

Mariah was nice... she won an award for merit I think

Annie Lennox was great! Very Dramatic! I love brit/UK songs... and all her songs! But she didn't have a video off youtube so I'm gonna put in Christina Aguilera here ok?! ^_^

Here is BEYONCE! Watch this! It's awesome!


$70.6 Million for Twilight!

Kristen Stewart, left, and Cam Gigandet are shown in a scene from, 'Twilight.'

Photo by AP

Because I am too busy watching other films with my wifey this weekend I haven't watched twilight yet. Returns from box offices worldwide raked in about $70.6 Million just in its opening night. I never read the book either but I think I get the synapse already. Vampires getting in love with humans. I'd like to see this soon. ^_^

I'll let you know through my Mooooovie Reviews if I liked it ok? just wait for that! ^_^


Be the Ultimate XML Developers Challenge Superstar!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The ordeal of the 21st century, the greatest, supreme era of the digital age is far from over. I was browsing this evening to find great opportunities for the geek in me. I chanced upon http://www.XMLChallenge.com and found out that they are conducting competitions for XML developers. Now this is the chance I've been waiting for!

For those of you who do not know, XML is Extensible Markup Language which in lay man's term is still not lay man because this is a little complicated to explain I know. The World Wide Web Consortium is a huge body (with 434 members) that makes certain standards for the Internet. XML is a general-purpose term that they created for specifications in creating custom markup languages. If you try and search your computer's system files, maybe you have come across a ".xml" file. This is an example of it. It may be XHTML, RSS (bloggers know this from feeds), MathML, GraphML, Scalable Vector Graphics, MusicXML, and others. I know this is a little difficult to swallow for non technical people, but for geeks like me it rings a bell if your breakfast, lunch and dinner is customizing websites and changing open source codes. This is like the "ambrosia" of software and web developers.

With that out in the open, the site is holding a competition for students, faculty members as well as professional developers. The IDUG contest is held world wide so even my tech savvy friends can join. This is also to increase awareness and familiarity with XQuery, XML and DB2. All you need to do is one or all of these things:

  • Upload a video
  • Create a small widget or gadget
  • Answer a series of questions by developing queries in XQuery.
  • Port an existing application to use XML, XQuery or DB2.
  • Develop a brand new application using the same
It's just that easy! The community would also take part in judging and the prizes will awarded on a monthly basis. So start pressing those keys and rushing your brains now for this contest! I already did! So why be left behind!


Dita Von Teese Sues for Illegal Image

I like her I reaaaally like her so much! ^_^

The first time I heard about Dita Von Teese was when the first Belo Ball was held in Manila. I was really wondering who she is and what she may have done to draw a crowd with all Manila's limelight included in it. Hmm... then I saw her pictures on the net and just went crazy over her. Okay, I admit I do have a little crush on her. I never saw "beauty" fashioned this way.

Got me googling for a couple of hours and found a video that probably skyrocketed her career because of a UK/Europe based burlesque performance. I was at an awe! I never knew that she is everything I hoped for a lady... watch this clip so you know what I mean...

I just read articles off the Internet and saw that she is suing a company for illegally showing her photos without her permission and probably put it also on a book. I know how hard she probably have worked to get this fame but for this company to even not pay for it? I think they should... they owe her BIGTIME right? I mean what if that happened to you, wouldn't you feel offended? I just hope someone acts on this. (-_-)"


A New Movie

Saturday, November 22, 2008

he popular online and real life celebrities Nat & Alex Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band are back again in this season's biggest mission to get Nat's charm back!

The kid's in their never ending adventures of the real world never fails to entertain me. This is a great swash buckling adventure for children and adults alike. It is good for brood of all ages. It’s indeed a story that makes people like us stop and think a while. It is a bit sad at times but you can tell that it is still a good family oriented story. When Nat and Alex lead you to the pace, Nat is left to fend for himself and find ways to regain his allure. He was not forced to go live on the train tracks like most rural stories. He also never finished the story to leave you all hanging. He obviously had enough money to buy himself some food. Nobody starved in this adventure. Nat decides he has to live life to the tops so he goes in search of someone who will appreciate him and be his savior. That could be you.

Alex never jumped on a train and plays his harmonica to lark about "Operation Mojo" just to save his friend Nat. Nor does he have to tap his paws to the beat of the train to resolve this conflict in the quest. Everyone likes him with his tricks and all but none is willing to take him in their care, except you and everyone who would want to get his charisma back. Every night after this they maybe forced to dance and sing with Nat but there would be a few things that you can better do to help him. Make sure you share this story and the video with 5 of your friends. Do not forget to subscribe to Nat's You Tube Channel. Make http://www.natnalex.com also your home page.

This is not only a delightful story, but an enormous relief as well. In all that we read about the perils of our daily world this is a great escape. We hardly need more of this to be reminded that in the midst of confusion and doubt there are rays of hope like these two young boys. So on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008 just tune in to live chat with Nat & Alex Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band to take part in the premiere of their new movie.


Nicolaus Copernicus' Remains and Grave Found!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Swedish DNA expert Marie Allen talks at a news conference in Warsaw, Poland to announce the identification of remains. O_O

"The Sun, not the Earth... is the center of the universe! " those were the words he uttered when the questions about astronomy were raised centuries ago. This is what we all learned in Science Class when we were in Elementary, High School and in College... His theories are still taught until today because it led us to what information we have now. I got news however, that Nicolaus Copernicus remains and his grave was found!

Just this Thursday, they have identified the remains of Nicolaus Copernicus by comparing DNA from this skeleton and hair that was retrieved from one of his 16th-century astronomer's books. This could put an end to the centuries old speculation about the exact resting spot of Copernicus, a priest and astronomer. He is believed to have come up with the main idea that the Sun is at the center of the universe between 1508 and 1514, and during those years wrote a manuscript commonly called as Commentariolus (Little Commentary).

The reconstruction of the remains shows a broken nose and other features that exactly resembles a self-portrait of Copernicus, and the skull bears a cut mark above the left eye that corresponds with a scar shown in the painting (see image above). "We collected four hairs and two of them are from the same individual as the bones," Allen Gassowski said. Sheis the head of the Archaeology and Anthropology Institute in Pultusk, in central Poland, and Allen works at the Rudbeck Laboratory of the Genetics and Pathology Department of Uppsala University. Copernicus was known to have been buried in the 14th-century Frombork Cathedral where he served as a canon, but his grave was not marked. Gassowski's team started his search in 2004, on request from regional Catholic bishop, Jacek Jezierski. The bones found by Gassowski were located under floor tiles near one of the side altars. I just hope his ghost doesn't mind. "In the two years of work, under extremely difficult conditions amid thousands of visitors and usiseros hehe, with earth shifting under the heavy pounding of the organ music we managed to locate the grave, which was badly damaged," Allen Gassowski said. They also found that the skull belonged to a man aged around 70 which was Copernicus's age when he died in 1543.

What a find huh?! ^_^


CHARICE performs at Good Morning America

Now this 16yo phenom from the Philippines is still making waves in the United States. With her performances here and around North America, she now has this performance in Good Morning America which is a very popular morning TV show in the US. This also has international distribution so people around the globe will be seeing this much like Oprah. I kinda am not impressed by the arrangement because she could have done other songs or something better. A younger more powerful song would have worked. But I still love her just the same ^_^

Let's watch this O_O:


A Flat Belly for Me

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I have been in a couple of diets since high school and it has evidently not worked for me. I always come back sick after a few weeks of grueling strict compliance of them. I know how hard it is for anyone to lose a hundred pounds. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that's what my fitness trainer told me... a hundred!

Personally I wouldn't like to be that skinny nor would I be in the same boat of following his regimen for me because as far as I know, his belly is even bigger than mine at that time. It wouldn't pass my standards, so that's a long shot. I'm willing to try anything at this point specifically to just get me a flatter belly. This is one of those times that I already like my built, but I got to get me one of those washboard abs you know.

I'm almost 6ft tall, and I weigh reasonably in American Standards as far as I know. Asians have a lot to say about this range. They probably are smaller than I am since I am Hispanic. I am actually willing to change my dietary pattern and I think one plan suits me best. Lots of them are talking about the Flat Belly Diet. I will be trying this one now, I’ll tell you how I’m going to fare so you get an idea about how I progress.


Still the news about Piracy in Somalia

Speedboats were used also for Pirate operations, private armies are needed! O_O

n the news this morning, it was all still about the situation on the Somalian pirates. With the hostages and companies paying ransom in Millions/Billions, it was evident that the capital was getting more developed. Shops were even popping up everywhere, here and there. Internet access was getting to them even if last year this was merely impossible that side of the world.

Supplied for the pirates were even given ahead of time at a higher rate , but it is still getting paid because of the lucrative business of local pirates. Weather the money was coming in legal or illegally, the development in these cities (mostly the capital) were evident. People were treating these Pirates normal. The US and Nato forces were also not interested in sending and wasting warships for this cause. Private companies were advised to secure their tankers and ships with their own private armies to resolve this crisis. MV Sirius Star Pirates were demanding 25 Million Dollars for ransom.