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Saturday, November 22, 2008

he popular online and real life celebrities Nat & Alex Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band are back again in this season's biggest mission to get Nat's charm back!

The kid's in their never ending adventures of the real world never fails to entertain me. This is a great swash buckling adventure for children and adults alike. It is good for brood of all ages. It’s indeed a story that makes people like us stop and think a while. It is a bit sad at times but you can tell that it is still a good family oriented story. When Nat and Alex lead you to the pace, Nat is left to fend for himself and find ways to regain his allure. He was not forced to go live on the train tracks like most rural stories. He also never finished the story to leave you all hanging. He obviously had enough money to buy himself some food. Nobody starved in this adventure. Nat decides he has to live life to the tops so he goes in search of someone who will appreciate him and be his savior. That could be you.

Alex never jumped on a train and plays his harmonica to lark about "Operation Mojo" just to save his friend Nat. Nor does he have to tap his paws to the beat of the train to resolve this conflict in the quest. Everyone likes him with his tricks and all but none is willing to take him in their care, except you and everyone who would want to get his charisma back. Every night after this they maybe forced to dance and sing with Nat but there would be a few things that you can better do to help him. Make sure you share this story and the video with 5 of your friends. Do not forget to subscribe to Nat's You Tube Channel. Make http://www.natnalex.com also your home page.

This is not only a delightful story, but an enormous relief as well. In all that we read about the perils of our daily world this is a great escape. We hardly need more of this to be reminded that in the midst of confusion and doubt there are rays of hope like these two young boys. So on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008 just tune in to live chat with Nat & Alex Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band to take part in the premiere of their new movie.


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