Christmas Starts Now!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas is really near. A month from now we will be celebrating the birth of Christ, my own personal savior!

In the Philippines, the season is quite a big deal. Celebration starts even as early as September. You'll see girls and boys selling lanterns on the streets, giving gifts, exchanging cards, some sing Christmas carols with one big joyful voice. This has been evidently the biggest holiday celebration every Filipino looks forward to.

Extended families are a common sight. Everybody recognize their Godparents at this time because they are somewhat obliged to gift giving whenever December 25th arrives. Yeah that even includes me! I'm not into that Godparent role much but in this culture, it is taboo for you to shy away from requests to do so. I've got about 10 godsons already and they are probably more than that. I've got one who in my mind to give a specific gift. I haven't seen my godson Ariel Joseph in such a long time. I've got to give him something he'll surely love so I'm checking online stores now. The kid is special to me since I got his mom and dad together when we were in college. I started to only tease them one day, then they ended up married. I think I have a niche for doing that to my friends. I saw one website that has the CARS play set. I would have bought this for myself but I think the kid should get one instead.

I'm sure he'll like this... I know he'll enjoy this one!
(Photo by

I'll probably just get a dragons figurine for my self since I want one too. It's just going to be part of my toy collection. I know what you're thinking, but hey it's Christmas so give me a break! Let's enjoy the season and start giving! Christmas starts now! Please do visit the website where I got these MEGA Brands toys from and start getting something for your kids and loved ones too!
Cool huh?! Even I like them that much!



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cool bro, nice posting

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awwwwwwww guto ko den laruan

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cool bro, nice posting