The Tactics to Win the War

Friday, November 28, 2008

n this era of unending active lifestyle, we need to wear comfortable clothes to adapt to this existence. I play war games every summer or when my friends from high school/college get together. The terrains for these activities are harsh and of course you can’t wear leather shoes, suits, or your handy dandy coat and tie for it. You must take the chance to gain advantage and win the rounds. This is where I suggest you check out Tactical Pants.

This is very popular in the Philippines if you ask me. These are not just ordinary cargo pants cut off to look fashionable. Each pocket and containment is made to fit every device and apparatus you need to survive the rugged landscape we’re getting into. Yes I know we were there to enjoy but there is always pride in winning. I engaged my so called enemies a few times and have understood that this isn’t "biological and chemical warfare" and "global thermonuclear war" but the bragging rights would be nice. The mountains and ditches we had to go through were ruthless. Not only did we have to scale a couple of kilometers just to reach the summit of a single mountain, we had to pass by 7 of them. It took 5 hours to go up and it was not even easy to go down either. The views were spectacular and I was never better while suited for the occasion. With the rounds we made, we won about 13 out of 20 attempts so in these terms we won them fair and square.

The website where I plan to get more of these garments from not only sold Tactical Pants but there are Saber Jackets, Hawk Glasses, Flashlights, Holsters, Utility Knives and Jumpsuits for more serious players. You won’t regret purchasing each one to gain the advantage that I had when I needed it most.


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