Mumbai, India Terror Attacks

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Firefighters try to douse a fire at the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India.
Photo by Associated Press

I watched CNN this morning and saw the attacks in Mumbai, India. I saw a lot of people dead... last count was 120 I think... and they are still holding some hostages. I know a couple of people in that city because of my work... and some of them are also my blogging friends. I together with other people are extremely worried. This is a true act of terror.

Muslim Militants thought to be tied to extremists outside of this country stormed railway systems, business establishments and now this hotel this Wednesday and Thursday in a so called coordinated attack against this country, their prime minister said.

This is creepy, he's one of the terrorists who stormed the Taj Mahal Hotel. Look at his face OMG! O_O
Photo by AFP

World leaders are appalled by the said act and urged the government of India to take quick actions to stop this acts of terror throughout their country. I just hope this does not happen to yours or my neighborhood! I pray that everyone would be safe... and these terrorists be put to justice after these attacks. As of this writing they are still holding hostages inside the building and in different locations around India. Let us pray for them that they get through this.



Abang Hajib said...

damn the terrorists...

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NYoMaN said...

agree with Abang Hajib

NaMiDani said...

agree with both you nyoman and hajib

Go Government India kill them all.

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Abang Hajib said...

damn the terrorists...