What's your gift for me?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

You have 26 days to go before you get me these gifts or else!

What's your gift for me? Is it too much to ask this Christmas season what I should get?! It's funny I know but there are a couple of things I would want to get for that most wonderful time of the year!

I’m a geek and my lifestyle demands I have enough things to support my luxuries in life. I don’t even want to think about that day where I won’t have any access whatsoever with my gadgets and electronic devices. That would just be unbearable and such a nightmare to think about.

An online store I dropped by offered 20% discount on the best things you could buy for me. I have lots of paperwork and I lost 4 years of email at work. I just would not want that to happen again so I implore you to get me storage. Yes my friends, I don’t ask too much so if you plan to buy me something I could use it would be just that. I need personalized holiday gifts and this is the only one I prefer.

Personalized Thumb Drives – I need this handy storage so I can easily plug and play with any computer I have do carry my documents in. The site offers it in 14 colors, 16GB of capacity and custom engraving (which you normally just see in expensive pen brands) all for free.

Personalized Pens – With the same engraving for free, you can get me this one for less than 2 dollars would you believe that?!

Business Card Flash Drives – It’s a unique gift. I remember eating out with my folks and I saw my former boss from SSS. He asked me for a business card after the little chat we had and guess what?! I didn’t have one. I was humiliated and kept thinking about it for months while laughing myself in misery because I did not have something so simple that executives should always carry around. Oh I’m still thinking about that! I’d probably go to my former office and give them this one so I’d look mighty cool.

Wooden USB Flash Drives – Well it’s a statement of course! You can’t find that much nature loving geeks around so if you are the type you can give me this one instead. It’s less than 16 dollars off the site if you want to get me one.

I know I am a little bit demanding but hey it’s Christmas anyway so why should I hold back asking you for what I want right?! Thanks in advance! I’m going to wait for those in the mail so don’t leave me out in the snow. Get me these great holiday gifts!




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