Foreign Exchange Trading: Understanding that money doesn't grow on trees!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

How I wish this would happen in real life! ^_^

In the US business crisis this year, the markets have yet to prove its worth if the billion dollar rescue package implemented by the government is working or not. This has greatly affected the world markets and I've got good news to tell you today.

Consumer spending has been at an all time low today and analysts predict that the US business outlook weakened but there were signs of stabilization in global markets on Friday, with interbank rates are now falling and U.S. stocks posting their best and grandest week in 34 years. This has been the best shape the market has been. In the few months of volatile trading, it is now showing signs of normalcy.

How to save the extremely sensitive U.S. housing market (comprised of lots of loans and debts), which stands at the root of the global credit crisis, again took center stage on the last Friday's trading before Americans go to the polls to choose their next president from Obama and McCain (which will be in a few days). November 4th will be a great date to take note of. Foreign exchange markets will show its shape both in the US and elsewhere around the globe. The Philippines this morning has it's peso even pegged at 49 pesos+ at this season where consumer spending and dollar remittances will be at an all time high because of Christmas season. It's a place to take advantage if you would like to have more than what you bargain for.

Though there seem to be some problems ahead, Japan also slashed interest rates at 0.25%, British banking giant Barclays said it was trying to raise about $12 billion in capital and a top U.S. congressman demanded that banks now use money from the country's $700 billion financial bailout package (yes the one I was discussing in previous posts) to boost lending. This would be a tough decision for the government to take since they are aware of the current volatility and they should know when to release these so called "lifesaver" funds. This would be a common Forex Strategy they can implement now that some parts of the government actions are taking effect.

Another thing that would help ordinary Americans would be if they now learn currency trading and take advantage of the dollar. With it's value increasing in some parts of the globe like the Philippines and other not so much affected Asian and European markets, you can now have the purchasing power used there instead of only taking these to the US. Things would be reciprocated in the long run since the world market has opened more opportunities to recover losses from previous months. There are several Forex Trading websites that would be able to help you fully understand how these works. If you would to consider yourself the "middle class" and you intend to earn with stable market activity, I suggest you consider looking at other places and corporations who remain strong despite the economic crunch happening in the United States and around the globe. I'm just telling you that there are far more greater opportunities than to just operate in one location. I work in BPO so I kinda know how this works. It's not just jobs you want to generate in the US, you need to also survive the costs that are overboard hurting your corporations. Having to spend less than what manpower is in the states would get you stabilized in the long run and earn much higher. Keeping your company in existence would be better than losing everything to mere speculations and markets driven by executives of a few greedy corporations. You'll get the hang of it because if you know how it works, you will be better I'm quite sure of that. You have to know that money doesn't grow on trees and you have to spend wisely, making sure you only invest on low interest high security corporations than volatile ones that are not even just AAA'd in papers and hearsay. I just wish you know and understand now where the executives of AIG got their million dollar bonuses.


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