Mumbai Terror Attacks End : 160 Dead T_T

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Taj mahal Hotel in Mumbai, India engulfed in flames.

I watched CNN this morning and just heard horrible news. This is a sad day. 160 people are dead, among them are about 26 foreigners which comprise of Japanese, Australian, British and American guests of the hotel. 2 Filipinos were even among those left in the hotel for 2 days. They were not able to go out on the corridors and locked themselves inside 2 rooms drinking nothing but coffee in the ordeal.

It ended just today, but with the casualties amounting to these few foreigners and a lot of Indian civilians are just a shot in the arm for their government. A few strikes also were seen outside of Mumbai aside from this hotel. I hope people responsible for these attacks would be put to justice.

What if this happened to your country? What would you do huh?!


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