Your New US President : Barack Obama

Monday, November 03, 2008

You maybe looking at the future US First Family. Obama, wife and Kids. Photo by Associated Press.

I know I maybe pre-empting you guys for this Tuesday's elections but so far, the numbers all point to one candidate. Barack Obama may well be the President of the United States of America.

Look at that crowd! O_O
Photo by Associated Press

With countless funds going in on his campaign, he even got a 30 minute commercial loaded on almost all TV stations in prime time explaining his agenda for the government. He mentioned to even unite with McCain on some issues when the election announces him as a winner. He would be declared then also as the first Black President in history.

His campaign at this end ran on states that are well known to be Republican since the 1964 election and even there e is still winning the numbers. That though is bad news for McCain as he tries to maintain these Republican states but even these are being converted to his side 2days before the election. Now look what will happen in Tuesday as Americans decide who'll lead them to CHANGE that they need.



Splitzbz said...

Go Obama... we support you all da way!!

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thepplway求真 said...

a great day foe US,and for the open minded world