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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pretty Taylor Swift, still unknown to some in Asia. Country singers don't come in these packages!
Photo by E!
I saw Taylor Swift guesting on Ellen Degeneres' talk show a few days ago. Man was she pretty... I know we're not that close lolz... and she's like the ex of one of Jonas Brothers... but I mean hey they broke off on a 25 second call right?! Nothing is impossible in my book. I find her songs nice, and I'd probably download it later this evening because I kinda like it.

By the way, she topped the charts this week even overtaking cutie boy David Archuleta. Her record sales soared to about 592,000 this week which is more than any other country act since the Eagles' Long Road Out of Eden opened with 711,000 in sales a year ago, and more than tripled the sales of Archuleta's eponymous debut who is at second. David Cook will release his self titled album by next week though. That will probably be the next thing to watch out for since he is anticipated to sell a lot since winning American Idol.

Here by the way is Taylor Swift:

You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

Coming in a close second on my favorite music this week is TSHIRT by Shontelle:

Awe shucks I remember my sweetie doing this for me ^_^


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