KUMAGCOW FOOD REVIEWS: The Horror of Office Food! O_O

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The horror I went through eating this plate was agonizing. I am not recommending this one SORRY!

Since it's Halloween, I would just like to warn you first about my own backyard. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I just started eating at our office pantry.

Our office admin just decided to have a consigned catering service to have their food sold at our office pantry and it was just my luck that I was so tired and hungry that time. Yes I starve every now and then because of diets and what not... but I was too lazy anyway to go walkin a kilometer or less to a local grocer for food. I went on a jiffy to the pantry to check them out since it was new... so I did buy myself a small plate of pasta... they called it "Carbonara" there... I said to my self.. REALLY?! hmm... let me go ahead and just taste this one. So I went ahead and ordered that, heat it up on our office microwave oven coz I just decided it needed that coz I found it a lil cold. When I took it out, it was the same... tasted it... ahmm... well... it tasted funny... yes guys, it was weird because it really really tastes like nothing... it was thick pasta with thickened pasta water that had no taste at all. I said to myself OMG... I just ate half the plate of food that I hated... btw I was a pasta lover before this one... I lost my faith all of a sudden... T_T

I hated it to put it in nice words, I would not eat that again and I made it a point they hear me complaining about it. If it weren't for the bacon bits I wouldn't have eaten half of it before I realize that it tasted funny. The next time I eat there, I'll make sure that I'm gonna order a different one. Just take a look at it above, I complained so I'm just gonna let you take a look at it. It was awful. I scored this ZERO KUMAGS. It was just saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN to me I guess. (-_-)" hayyy... poor hungry me!



Anonymous said...

I havent carbonara, but they said it's delicious. But it certainly doesnt look delicious (based on your review and the pic)...

RJ said...

Your halloween must be very funny or sad because of this Carbonara.

Why not ask the chef? It might be an innovation from the usual pasta you like. Or a mutation?