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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's like another busy day at work!
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I work for a multinational corporation that engages with clients from North, Central, South America, Europe and Asia. I know how hard it is for our Marketing Department to get plans implemented for their campaigns. The communication mediums are limitless and one company called My Voice Dialing offers "Voice Broadcasting". I told them that this might be the company that they need.

Well I'm sure everybody would ask what that technology is. If you think about it, its just simply automating information through calls. A common term used for this is "Robo Calls" and what My Voice Dialing does is transmit these at rates of thousands of calls per hour. It truly is that fast!

This can be used in different ways and can be provided by only the best in the industry. Competitors that tried to mimic the same technology never had My Voice Dialing's customer base (through lead generation) and personalized approach to support. PLDT in the Philippines use this same technology to have their services told to millions of their telephone subscribers throughout the country. This in turn would convert in more sales today since they can reach them easily and automatically tell people how easy and extremely cost worthy it is to subscribe with their promos. With the Presidential election that will happen today for example, you can always count on Obama and McCain putting investments campaigning through different media. Whoever availed services from My Voice Dialing between them would obviously have the edge over the other since they can automate telling their plans for the country faster and better. It's the one you need if you want to be heard in the marketplace.


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