Espie Hupida Freed from Captivity by ABU SAYYAF

Saturday, November 01, 2008

With Ms. Espie Hupida free, only my Aunt Milet remains captive. Please pray for her safety.
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I just learned from my dad that today's newspapers contain good news that one of the kidnapped people by forces of Abu Sayyaf was released yesterday. Ms. Esperancita "Espie" Hupida of Nagdilaab Foundation Inc. and member of United Children's Christian Fund after 46 days of captivity was freed in Basilan. She was released in the vicinity of Sitio Limbo Kassa in Barangay Magkawa, Al Barka Basilan. She was turned over to Vice Governor Al Rasheed Sakalahul which leads the Crisis Management Committee. They however did not disclose any information if ransom was paid or not. No news also of my Aunt Milet Mendoza who is still being held captive by these Abu Sayyaf. Please continue to pray for her safety!


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