Christmas Inspired Blizzard Treats from Dairy Queen!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The holidays are already here and honestly, it's still hot outside yeah? Well nights are going to be longer, and with the endless parties and meals you're going to finish, there ought to be room for dessert! I've always gone to Dairy Queen when I was still doing a blue collar job, but nowadays, there ain't no rhyme or reason not to have it anytime of the day!

Cool thing is, they've got new Christmas inspired Blizzards now available in their stores.  Previously they had a festival for a chocolate malt brand, but this time, they're banking on your sweet tooth and what you would normally expect in holidays.

What you deserve these holidays is premium blizzard creations, three heavenly flavors that I love in its real form - but they made it into these lovely treats. First is the Royal New York Cheesecake, lovely soft serve ice cream mixed with chunks of cheese cake squares then topped with sweet strawberries on top. It's like a dream come true, something that you would find comfort having it all by yourself.

The one in the middle is for chocolate lovers, it's called the Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie Blizzard Treat. It's got chunks of chewy brownies, chocolate pieces and chocolate fudge all over. It's got a lot of texture in one cup so I suggest you get the larger size if you're ordering some. Third ones a classic, it's called the Royal Oreo Blizzard Treat. It's got crumbled Oreo cookies and lots of swirls of fudge enveloped in the soft serve ice cream. It was heavenly and I think you'll love them especially these days when you've got family and friends with you.

Now these Christmas inspired Blizzard treats are not priced outrageously, only Php 109 for the regular, Php 129 for the medium size and Php 159 for the large one. This is only availbale til January 10th, so there's no opportune time to have it but now! Make sure you drop by Dairy Queen branches nationwide, or order via 8911-11-11 or their website You can also get them on delivery apps, don't let me stop you from getting it!


Singing From The Heart: Jhoerge Normandia

A lovely, heart-wrenching, heavy ballad just came out, sang by the very talented Jhoerge Normandia. The song "Pinili Niyang Mahalin Ka" (She Chose to Love You) under music publishing company KDR Music House. This is produced, mixed and mastered by Adonis Tabanda who's a Musical Director, Songwriter, Arranger, Producer that's done several songs for powerful OPM artists in the country.

Jhoerge just put her heart on her sleeve as this was made from her experience. She also made sure the emotions come out of the song as she internalizes it first before actually recording. "It's dramatic, this is my pain, I'm channeling my feelings through this song. When I was younger, I remember my Mom do standards and jazz tracks back in the 80's. I used to mimic her and began singing around 14. I used to do backup singing and started doing show bands after a year. I also began doing performances on live-streams using different platforms, but I feel this is my purpose. My single "Pinili Niyang Mahalin Ka" is about someone who's going through a rough patch, separation, that messes her up hence the song."

She adds "This is also about anger, pain, giving up, a painful instance and how we'd recover from it. I use these emotions to write songs. It's also about love in general."

If you're interested about her music, go stream today on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and other platforms. She's all there!


New Player Radius Telecoms Unleashes RED Fiber for Business

Monday, November 29, 2021

The need for connection has never been proven especially during this pandemic. When offices and establishments closed, every store and business went the online route to get necessities and work done to and from home. MSME's now are back and maintaining that online channel means you have to maintain and sustain that line so your business could flourish. Though some ISP's try to make it better, it's still not enough because downtime still happens and we need something fast, dependable and secure especially for businesses in the country. This is where Radius Telecoms Inc. (RADIUS) is offering RED Fiber Business.

It's powered by their end to end fiber optic network that's also maintained and backed by 24/7 customer support and RED Firewall Bundle with Fortinet Security Box that protects you from malicious attacks that can disable your business too. Currently, RED Fiber has 90% reliability on service. Imagine the things you can do with uninterrtupted internet connection that's this fast, designed for businesses you do. They have plans with different speeds and different price points that also have Microsoft 365, add ons, Static IP and a domain. They also have Nokia Beacon 1.1 Wifi Mesh free with the 100Mbps plant til the end of this year.

RED Fiber is available in Metro Manila and several nearby cities and provinces. You may email them via if you're interested about getting them for your business.


St. Peter Group Launches St. Peter eStore

As they say in business, you have to adapt in order to survive, innovate if you want to stand out. Well, that's exactly what's happening with St. Peter Life Plan and Chapels as they now are launching the St. Peter eStore.

They've been the pioneers in death care services in the country, one of which is the e-Burol that has benefited countless families who have not been able to visit a loved one's wake. Today, the changes the way that you get traditional and cremation services from them. Now they made it all available to purchase directly from their website and the ability to compare things. It's something that wasn't available before but these days, it's one of the most convenient things people should have access to especially in pre-need death care and memorial services. They are also offering some of it with a 10% discount if you purchase them via spot cash. It's something to consider too if you want to plan ahead, it's also easy to navigate and gives you options to make sure services provided are what you want, what you need today.


SVP and COO Jonathan Vitangcol says "The St. Peter eStore is a place where you can see your options, check your billing and purchasing plans. You just need to register, check products on the Our Products plan and see under Traditional Plans some pre-need plans you can choose. What you buy now, it's the same thing you'll get in the future. It's also available in easy installment plans. Choose your plan by clicking on Buy Now, you'lll see benefits and features, then add to cart, then check out. That's where you can also put your details, your beneficiaries, health declarations and referal codes if a St. Peter agent has referred you. Confirm and pay for it with different payment options we have on the site. Now we're making it hassle free for all our customers. You can also see numbers, email addresses all in one place. We make sure we treat them like family. St. Peter group lives to serve our clients with integrity, and compassion."

All you need to do is register and get one today on the main St Peter website by logging on via It's easy, convenient, and accessible via desktop and mobile. Go plan ahead!


Huawei Encourages Digital Skills Training For Students

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Huawei just concluded the 7th Seeds for the Future program and has benefited over 200 students all over the Philippines. Ceremonies were attended by DICT Undersecretary Arnold Ali Atienza and DOST Undersecretary Renato Solidum last Friday.

Mr. Atienza lauded Huawei's Seeds for the Future program as they have really good training programs in order to develop more ICT professionals in the country. Aside from personal growth, they'll be part of the needed workforce for the booming Philippine ICT industry and ecosystem that Huawei also supports.

There is a lot of growth in the fields of SOHO, healthcare and education that this could help especially with the rise of new technologies in 5G, AI and IoT, same in other countries. Huawei Philippines' very own VP Daniel Guo says "There will be more opportunities for ICT talents and equipping these students will help make the country better equipped in anything digital."

Seeds for the Future program started in 2015 in the PH and has partnered with 50 Philippine Universities that helped over 9600 students in the same field. This is Huawei's initiative for educatin so they could bring more skilled Filipinos in the modern world.


VICE GANDA Gives Sound Relationship Advice "If Wala Kang Pera, Wag Kang Magjowa!"

Saturday, November 27, 2021

You know, there's something about having Vice Ganda on "It's Showtime!" that really works. Vice makes you think of a lot of things, and he makes it make sense. This afternoon's episode was a little controversial, but if you hear why Vice Ganda said it, you would know why she said "If Wala Kang Pera, Wag Kang Magjowa!"

Vice says "We know so many people, but we didn't take time to get to know ourselves. There's a saying that goes "Be so true to thyself as though not to be false to others". "

Vice further adds "If you don't have money, don't start a relationship. I'm not saying not to love someone, because that's a given. What I'm saying is that getting into a relationship is different. For starters, how awkward would it to be in a relationship and put all the burden to a guy right? You already have a problem, that's money, it's a social problem... and it's our job on how to find ways to earn a living. It's a personal responsibility, and if you can't do that, why in the world would you delve into another responsibility. A relationship is not just flirting, it's a responsibility, to nurture, something to take care of. It's not like studying that if you can't afford one, you'll get scholarships, you both should give what you can to make it work. What if you get her pregnant? You can't put that burden on your parents, on your mother, you can't feed them with money from other people. I remember the time I've listened to stories from Reyna ng Tahanan, and being in a relationship and making a family is a huge responsibility. Your friends can't pay for that, I remember a lot of my friends go out even if they don't have money. But if they make an occasion happen and plan everything, you can do that every once in a while, but not all the time."

Vhong Navarro interjects and says "Yes, it's sad to not have a relationship, but you have to be responsible. It's like going to war without bullets."

Vice may have been joking around much in the "It's Showtime!" set but you've got to admit, that right there is REAL TALK. It's realistic and sound advise about love and relationships which Vice has a pretty good grasp of. 

Have you ever had one of those times when Vice talks and you got affected? Tell me about it!


Team VICE GANDA Delivers Moving Performance in Annual MAGPASIKAT in "It's Showtime!"

It's so nice to see things getting back to normal and as a yearly tradition, "It's Showtime!" just recently presented their annual "MAGPASIKAT" portion wherein the hosts are pit against each other presenting different causes, in an entertainment form. Judging this year is award winning actor Joel Torre, Miss Universe Catriona Gray, Eheads drummer and composer Raymund Marasigan, and punong hurado Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano.

Amy Perez, Karylle and Kim Chiu presented dance and numbers with sports champions, gold medalists signifying WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Kim did super good in her dance numbers and the time she did a bit with a drum set. They also had 4th IMPACT together with them, they did good with their theme WOMEN AND GOLD. It instigated goosebumps, almost made the judges cry, had really solid impact.

Ogie Alcasid and Vhong Navarro did a skit with their kids, played by them too. Their theme is S-kid Games. They did several traditional games via 5x5 squid games style, projected it on the floor while they danced. It was like bonding without the need for gadgets or internet. Ogie of course sang his heart out with several TNT singers and champs, Ebe Dancel, El Gamma Penumbra, and Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. Jhong Hilario made a cameo and also sent Ogie and Vhong flying. Their message was about the goodness of fun, games, camaraderie, enjoying life's freedoms.

Jhugs, Teddy and Ion had comedy skits with Joey Marquez. They had a couple madlang pipol choose how the story would start, how it ends. Dance numbers like Matrix ensued, Ion was on a Ducati. It was nice because it was interactive. They included their heads being wrapped around by a snake, so it really wasn't easy. It didn't show much, but it was really good entertainement. Maybe, it's about conquering fears. Also, it was Ion's birthday, and he wished for the pandemic to end and his relationship with Vice Ganda to become even stronger. (that was a super sweet moment for Ion to say that!)

Then comes Vice Ganda, Ryan Bang and Jackie. They call themselves TEAM MAGIINA. They started with a comedy skit and talked about their preparations. Then they swithced places with viral online sensations Pipay and Whamos. They also had YouTube star, and sexiest Ivana Alawi, wifebeater clad Darren Espanto. Theirs had a sad start because they implied Vice had passed. Vice was the one who told them to prepare, do all these things, and Jackie got really into character. She was emotionally distraught when she heard the news. The lyrics went "Who would be there to catch you if you fall?". They had Kyla in the number, with Ryan Bang actually playing the piano in the background (we didn't know he could do that!). Team Vice was super dramatic, and was a discovery of talents. It also talked about the pandemic, on how we couldn't have the chance to say goodbye to people, how it hurt us, how we move on from it and still have hope that one day soon, we will meet. And properly, say goodbye. Vice also sang a few songs in this number, but what was moving was the last one when she had a string quartet, a choir at the end. Vice sang "See You Again" which had pretty hurtful lyrics. What broke my heart even more was the actual people who lost people because of COVID writing their messages on white balloons and reliving their memories with them. It was so touching, timely and so sad. Vice brought her cause to front, and how thankful they are for the lives they (those who passed) shared. The ending was so nice as they released white doves and balloons on the rooftop of ABSCBN. It was an epic sight! They came prepared!

In the end, 3rd and 4th Runners won 50,000 pesos. It went to Team Jhugs Teddy and Ion and Team Vhong and Ogie. First Runner Up went to Team Vice, Ryan and Jackie and won Php 100,000 for it. The Grand Champion was Tyang Amy, Kim Chiu and Karylle.

Vice says "We dedicate our performance to our chosen charity The Ruth Foundation. The Ruth Foundation for Palliative and Hospice Care will be the recipient of our prizes. They cater to COVID and Non COVID cases and help them with medical care, pay for bills, death care which has crippled families during this pandemic." Vice adds "We just escape everyday, this pandemic, I lost 4 of my super closest friends. When they were telling me about what we planned to perform, I insisted to do something stronger, something personal. I questioned how I paid for their hospital bills, was it enough to make their burials nice, and how I wasn't able to go to their wake even if they extended their schedules for me because I was their best friend. I'm doing this for the people who weren't able to do that because of the pandemic. We need to understand that it's not our fault, let's face the hurt, understand it, let go and say "Don't worry about us, we are okay and we will see you soon!". Even if we want to hug them, we can't, but I'm here to tell you, you're not alone. God Bless everyone!"


DINGDONG and ZIA DANTES for Shopee's 12.12 Big Christmas Sale

Friday, November 26, 2021

When we signed up to know first hand who's going to be the face of Shopee this 12.12 Big Christmas Sale, we thought we were going to see individual stars on the screen, But lo and behold, they depicted a family, perfect for the season, and it was so worth the wait as GMA's biggest actor Dingdong Dantes and her daughter Zia Dantes was announced as the face for Shopee's 12.12 Big Christmas Sale.

We were so elated in the conference as it's been a while since we've seen them both. Zia was a joy to hear speaking, she's got lines you'll think would never come from a kid, she's very bright and talented. She probably picked it up from Mom and Dad and the event was just so adorable because of the father daughter interaction. 

Martin Yu the Director for Shopee Philippines says "Thanks to our corporate and brand partners as we look back with our last mega campaign this 12.12. The Philippines is the fastest growing in the region, more Filipinos now buy and sell online. 68 percent sellers now use the tools we have in the next 5 years and we will watch them grow even more!"

This coming 12.12, they're offering FREE shipping with no minimum spend on products, they will also have Php 1 deals and a huge 10 percent discount daily, why not right? Well, they've amped it up with a 90 percent discounts on some of the biggest brands like Mikana, Maybelline, Peculiar, Pampers, P&G, Vivo, Oppo, realme, Huawei, Colgate-Palmolive, Abbott, Unilever, Nestle, Adidas, Xiaomi, Pedigree, Poco, Penshoppe, Johnsons and Johnson, Mentos, Chupa Chups, Inspi Shirts and so much more!

There will also be a GMA 7 TV Special on the date itself at Php 10:30pm wherein KPOP sensation Tomorrow X Together is slated to perform. Aside form that, appearances from Michael V, Julie Anne San Jose, Rayver Cruz, Kate Valdez, Ysabel Ortega, Andrea Torres and the biggest Willie Revillame will be there to entertain you and make you win through lots of games and surprises. Dingdong and Zia will be on the app doing games, plus a few more things on their social channels all throughout December 1-12, for a chance to win a whopping 12 Million pesos in total, Shopee's Celebrity Pamasko would be a good place to start, so start pressing those ampao's for a lucky day!

That's just the start, they've got more in store for you so make sure you download it today and start getting discounts, deals, vouchers and so much more!


MAJA SALVADOR Endorses REIKO & KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters

Her MAJAsty and Queen of the Dance Floor Maja Salvador just copped another endorsement from the company with beautiful people Beautéderm. Catering to a different age segment, she's going to be endorsing the whole product line of REIKO & KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters. This grand launch is part of  Beautéderm's 12th Year Anniversary celebrations and CEO Ms. Rhea Tan's birthday too.

Aside from a very spirited dancer, singer and actress, she's donned several shows and dramas which have all been a hit here and in other countries. Recently, she put up Crown Artist Management and has been very successful at it too. Her knack for things, flexibility at work, and how she inspires a lot of people made her the perfect fit to be REIKO & KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters endorser. Her energy on the dance floor is unequaled and yes, she needs all the help she can get to maintain that level of enthusiasm each time she moves. She personally tried the products which CEO Ms. Rhea Tan sent particularly the KENZEN BioDopa + Rosemary which is an Energy Booster. It's got VivaGen which has Mucuna Pruriens Rosemary, Maca and Guarana extracts so she gets to do a lot of things and energy she needs to last throughout the day.

Maja also is so thankful that she's a trusted endorser for the REIKO & KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters. Miss Rhea Tan also said that it was a no brainer for her to get Maja as endorser because she's not just a beautiful face, but a very kind individual that they got along instantly. They also are both Ilocanas, they got to crack jokes and laugh about times while they were being asked by press during the launch.

Maja treats it as a great blessing after the good things that happened to her in the past few years. She also hopes that while she's maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the products of REIKO and KENZEN would be there to help her focus, get enough sleep and lots of energy. Oh and yes, she's got a really good relationship in tow, he was there during the celebrations yesterday too. This is just the start of more things with Maja and Beautederm's REIKO and KENZEN line. Here's hoping a lot of Filipinos would benefit from all the good things these all natural supplements bring.

Miss Rhea Tan and Maja Salvador at the event (protocols have been followed)

Ms. Rhea Tan also shared how she's extremely happy to have been able to change the lives of a lot of people especially those who have made strides and bring in huge sales for the company, and help change the lives of others as well. You may read about the products on all Beautéderm social channels and on YouTube. I'll include that in a future video so stay tuned for updates on our YouTube channel. Subscribe if you may!

Congratulations Maja, also to the men and women behind Beautéderm Corporation and Ms. Rhea. You're REIKO and KENZEN line will grow big especially that you're starting to see the results of these all natural supplements. Thank you!


ANDREA BRILLANTES for Beautéderm's REIKO and KENZEN Health Boosters

She's one of the hottest teen stars in ABSCBN and suffice to say, she's done remarkable job in roles she's gotten over the years. Her passion and will to work hard is unquestionable, and a lot of teens and those of her age are very driven, goal oriented and study hard. They too deserve to take charge of their health, and powerful brand Beautéderm has gotten Andrea to be the face of their essential supplement line called REIKO and KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters. By the looks of it, she's perfect for the role.

For starters, it's good for her. It's all natural health supplements that are tried, tested and FDA approved. The KENZEN Bacopa Monniera + Centella Asiatica is a Memory Booster. It's got what they call MeMax. It's a formula that contains Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Monniera, Centella Asiatica, and Lutein as well as Silicone Dioxide Starch, Stearic Acid and Calcium that's deemed to boost brain function, enhance memory and lessen memory loss. They also got the KENZEN BioDopa + Rosemary which is an Energy Booster. It's got VivaGen made of a mixture of Mucuna Pruriens extracts, Rosemary and Maca, and Guarana that lessens stress. The KENZEN Vitamin C + Zinc on the other hand is an Immunity Booster. It's got Z Plus which is a mix of Vitamin C from ascorbic acid and Zinc that aids in cell repair. 

They also have REIKO Valeriana Officinalis + L-theanine which is a formidable Sleep Enhancer made of SomNest which mixes Valeriana Officinalis extracts, 98% L-theanine and GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) that aids to treat insomnia (perfect for those who couldn't sleep!). They also have the REIKO Vitamin D +Grape Seed which does Sun Protection because of PrestoSol,  all made of Vitamin D, Grape Seed extracts, Amla extracts, and Rosemary extracts. For those who would want to lose a bit of weight, they also have REIKO Coffee Bean + Salacia which is a Diet Enhancer that contains Slimaxine. It's a mixture of Coffee Bean, Salacia and Ginger extracts. You can also opt for their REIKO Andrographis + Ginger which is their Digestion Enchacer. It contains Fitox which is a mix of Andrographis and Ginger Plus Curcumin which suppresses sugar. These supplements can all help you start a healthy lifestyle (with proper diet) and Andrea actually likes it. I'd be the first one to try the sleep enhancer too because I've struggled much in recent months. Andrea wants that too as she's been a little swamped with schedules and needs lots of sleep.

Miss Rhea Tan and Andrea Brillantes

Andrea just signed with Beautéderm yesterday amidst leading press institutions and corporate executives. This was also the first time I've seen their CEO Ms. Rhea Tan in person, and I felt how she genuinely approached each one of us in the audience. I'll be adding a vlog to this article soon so please make sure you come back for updates. I was surprised because even if she's in that stature, she took time, to also introduce each one of the products and exchanged pleasantries even if she didn't have to. Andrea says "I've got a lot of friends who I've seen are endorsers of Beautéderm and I feel that it's like a dream come true for me being a part of this family. To represent the REIKO and KENZEN brand under Beautéderm Health Boosters, I'd show people that you can take charge of your health and get the extra protection you need every day!"

Miss Rhea Tan and Blythe at the event (protocols have been followed in the event)

Miss Rhea Tan adds "We've been working hard on this for over a year and this just came at an opportune time, coinciding with my birthday and the 12th Anniversary of our company. The pandemic made us realize that we should be thankful about the blessings we receive each day. Our health should also be a priority and this is where REIKO and KENZEN Beautéderm Health Boosters can help. I am so happy that Andrea knows we should all maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With the hard work we've put in on this, we hope a lot of people would benefit from these products. Finally, here it is!"

Congratulations to the men and women behind Beautéderm and Andrea. I'd like to take this bit to thank Miss Rhea Tan and say, you've got a gem in your hands... congratulations!


Pepsi Tops Twitter Charts

If you're on Twitter, it's a really good sounding board for what you're thinking. It's a pretty good place to practice your freedoms and even brands like Pepsi are on it. This 2020 might have proven difficult for almost all of us but during that time, they were the only brand that's not tech related to be one of the most Tweeted Brands of the year. I've witnessed that personally when they launched much of their campaigns including #PepsiHitSaSarap together with their brand ambassadors KathNiel, SB19, Mimiyuuuh and Ricci Rivero. They did it with less advertising resources as they concentrated on cultural relevance, the community, and what's been talked about during those specific times.

Pepsi also listens to the audience, responds to those that fell and be heard as relevant. They know what you want, and give it to you.They also had KPOP be paid attention with especially with Blackpink and SB19. Their ambassadors also inspire people, and amplify what they want to put out there. They deserve every bit of success in the social channels they are in.

Each time you see one of these guys and gals know that they're people who represent their brand and have reached you telling Pepsi's story.


Huawei Partners with Local Institutions for Inclusive Growth in the Digital Economy

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Huawei just concluded their Intelligent Finance Summit 2021 last November 18 with thier theme "Digital Infrastructures for Inclusive Digital Economies". Industry leaders from different agencies and fintech companies shared their thoughts on best practices on how they could promote inclusive growth in the next few years.

Huawei Enterprise Business Group's Jason Cao says "Huawei has been in this industry for a little over a decade and has served over 2000 institutions which includes the top banks. Our company has been a significant partner in digital transformation and we're not stopping there."

During the talk, they concentrated on what the effects of digital transformation is and how to make it inclusive in the Philippines. The industry is still growing and it's time to discover more industry trends. BSP continues to set really good financial goals, Fintech Philippines Association also promotes inclusion, UnionDigital shares how blockchain could be used to expand this business, and PayMaya gives good advice on how to use digital payments to enable more businesses to grow especially in the Philippines. With Huawei cooperating even more, this could accelerate even further and bear more fruitful partnerships in the years to come.

That's amazing to see, as it become a reality for all of us at this side of the world.


That JOLLIBEE Chick'nwich Is Good

Everybody's talking about it so here we go trying it out today. It's Jollibee's crunchy, juicy, and flavorful Chickn'wich. First of all, the name convention is good so they wouldn't be like the run of the mill chicken sandwich. 

The Chick'nwich is basically a huge chicken fillet sandwich that's been breaded, fried to perfection so you get to have a crunchy exterior and juicy meat inside. The meat actually reminded me of the actual Chickenjoy so they probably have processed that the same. The crunchy breading was different though because they probably needed to have that stay crunchy for a longer time.

The dressing was also different, not the same goop that they use for other burgers. Aside from that, the bun is also on a different level. It's softer, shiny on top, thin to just give you enough bread for the thick chicken cut they got you on the sandwich. I think it's brioche and fits the thing perfectly. It's not spicy so I'd be glad to see a version of it soon. I bet they'll be making a different Chick'nwich too because the box for it has "Others" on another check mark. For me, that's good news.

If you're hearing different opinions or reviews about the Jollibee Chick'nwich, it might be a good time to not listen to their stories. Do yourself a favor and get one yourself. I'm pretty satisfied with what I ate for that amount of money. Yes you could say there are better ones out there but are they priced like Jollibee? I don't think so.

Go give yourself a break and get one on selected Jollibee stores in Metro Manila. I think they're rolling it out in other places soon!


Environmental Efforts Frutition Liquid Hand Soap from Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc

Monday, November 22, 2021

World class and oldest distillery in the Philippines Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc (established 1852) has been producing Paradise Mango Rum Liqueur since 2002. It's one of the first things they did in order to produce alcoholic beverages that are 100% Filipino made.  Through further research and innovation, they started doing Manille Liqueur de Calamansi in 2014, then Dalandan a few years after. These have been all locally produced and is part of their enduring corporate passion to help farming communities in the country. Farmers also profit more by dealing with the company directly.

They have also done waste management efforts and get byproducts of oil from calamansi and dalandan skin. There is also pulp, seeds and rinds. They thought of making these into other things, ground it up, and make it into an active ingredient for soaps they call SI ANTI BACTERIAL HAND SOAP. I've seen it and used it in my home today, and by any standards, this looks and feels phenomenal... Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc has a gem in their hands!

They produced this hand soap with whitening and antiseptic properties, something that you wouldn't see in the Philippine market or the rest of the world. That right there is produced from innovations in the byproduct of Manille Liqueurs and Destileria Limtuaco & Co. Inc continues to do a lot of research in order to have less carbon footprint, less wastage in operations. I'm impressed with what they have thought of and imagine the impact this could do with the environment and the thousands that could benefit in generating jobs by selling them. I hope they could device a way to do that especially for those who have no access to work these days because of the pandemic.

Congratulations Ms. Olivia Limpe-Aw, this is impressive!


ALDEN RICHARDS Set to do Docu Concert Called ForwARd: Meet Richard Faulkerson Jr.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

It's been a while since we've talked to Alden Richards and yeah, we kinda miss this boy. I've had the chance to interview him quite a lot before the pandemic hit and this was a really opportune time to touch base on why he's doing a concert this January 2022 called ForwARd: Meet Richard Faulkerson Jr..

He says "I'm very private, this concert will be a venue to give out a huge portion of me and why I am starting AR Foundation. They will know about it, it's a documentary concert, and people will find the reason, of what I experienced during my childhood. You will get to see that Alden Richards and Richard Faulkerson Jr. are one and the same person."

For those who don't know, Alden has been helping quite a number of scholars through friends because he didn't quite want to be seen doing the deed. Recently, he learned through them that he was already able to have 2 of them graduate, one finished Electrical Engineering, the other with a BS Information Technology course. Alden wants to actually help more have access to education hence why he's put up AR Foundation. With it, he's going to address more issues and give a chance for those who have not been able to enroll in school, to change not just their lives, but their family too. Alden also talked about why he's not in a hurry for love and relationships, which he says can always be there, and can happen anytime he wanted to. He finds doing these "purpose" filled concert more fulfilling because he was able to help a lot of people.

Alden also addressed why he chooses to be kind even if he has his share of detractors. Here's our interview with him a few days ago. Enjoy! 

Make sure you're updated and follow us on YouTube, FB and Twitter, we'll let out a few more details when this concert will happen on January. And it's for a good cause, why not right?



Looks like the Philippines will have to wake up early to see who among their favorite American artists would win at the 2021 American Music Awards. It's going to be aired this Monday at 9AM Philippine time.

Among those expected to be adored in this year's festivities are artists Bruno Mars, the phenomenal BTS, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo, The Weeknd and a whole lot more. AMA's remain to be the biggest fan vote based awards and you can vote for your favorite artists on TikTok by just searching for AMAs on the app. Performances by world class artists are expected from various genres including POP, RnB, Country, latin, KPOP and a whole lot more. The show will be hosted by the well loved Cardi B whom herself is an AMA award winner. She also is nominated for 3 of them this year.

I heard BTS Army members should look forward to a memorable performance from their idols because it'll be a different "Butter" that they will see during the event. Aside from that, you will witness performances from Bruno Mars, Anderson, Paak, Bad Bunny, Tainy, Julieta Venegas, Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean, Kane Brown, New Edition, New Kids On the Block, Diplo, Maneskin, Mickey Guyton, Tyler the Creator, Walker Hayes and Zoe Wees among other surprises. You can get realtime updates too on TV5 so make sure you participate in the Twitter party that they'll be holding for you. Follow their official hashtags #AMAs and #AMAsOnTV5. Remember, 9AM on TV5!


An Extraordinary Workshop for GMA Artists with Howie Severino

Saturday, November 20, 2021

When an artist undergoes workshops, it usually means they'll be learning more about singing, dancing, interacting with other actors and acting. A few days ago, an unconventional one happened virtually with no less than the award winning journalist and broadcaster Howie Severino.

Mr. Severino held a masterclass about Baybayin which is an acient writing system. He's very passionate about teaching this to others as people reading and writing it remains scarce. He says "I'm very happy that I get to meet all of you, not just because you are artists, but you are also culture bearers. You carry our identities as Filipinos, it's a good thing you're learning how to do Baybayin. You get to be looked up to by generations that kept the writing form alive. It's a huge undertaking but we have to start somewhere, now that includes you!"

This is part of GMA Artist Center's efforts called "Ang Breakout Room: Masterclass Series" which they'll be doing on a regular basis for home grown artists and celebrities. Artists who were included in the roster included First Lady Sanya Lopez, the beloved Farrah in Legal Wives Bianca Umali, Kyline Alcantara who probably is being swooned by Mavy Legaspi, Lexi Gonzales who just released a single, Radson Flores and Matt Lozano who's excited for Voltes V Legacy, artists Claire Castro, Royce Cabrera, Zonia Mejia, Jamir Zabarte, Joaquin Manansala, Jen Maravilla, Jr Royol, Migs Villasis, Hannah Arguelles, Bryce Eusebio, Gab Yabut, Elias Point, Allen Ansay, Lia Salvador, Dentrix Ponce, Dave Duque, Kirsten Gonzales, Kimson Tan, Lime Aranya, Levince Sotto and Rain Matienzo all learned the ropes in how to read and write with Baybayin just on that day.

Howie also shared how this would impact their families, their community and the next generation. I wonder what GMA Artist Center has under their sleeves after this one. It sounds so exciting!


Lexi Gonzales Outs "Something in the Rain" Under GMA Playlist

Friday, November 19, 2021

Just got the chance to Lexi Gonzales a few days ago. The Starstruck First Princes has already made a mark in GMA shows and several series, but today's a little different because she's chasing a huge passion of hers, it's singing. She released the single "Something in the Rain" last November 12th under GMA Playlist.

Lexy says "I was really drawn to this masterpiece by Rina Mercado. I was nervous, but motivated because GMA Playlist really supported me. I initially connected it with the feeling of having a first love, the nostalgia of having it, but later on felt it's appropriate to dedicate it to my loved ones, my family, specifically my Grandma. She's someone I really love, and I feel I am with her when I sing about it."

Lexi also hopes she gets to sing more songs with her friends Mikee, and her co stars in Sunday Pinasaya. She also wanted to sing with Garette Bolden if they're permitted to work together. Lexi wants to find good love, something that won't be wasted especially if she's putting an effort to make it last. The ones who heard it first was her family, they actually loved it includer her closest friends. She got lots of good feedback because she didn't realize they would like it that much. My Mom felt it was sweet, whilst my Dad was surprise she could sing, she felt she really had their support right from the start. She also wants to write songs soon, as she's got a new platform. Hopefully she would get to star in her own series, be part of a movie, and make her travel vlogs because that's what she wants to do. These days, she listens to Taylor Swift, some of her favorite bands include Eraserheads and Kitchie Nadal, which she also things are her greatest music influence. You can go listed to it on all music platforms, just search for her name and it should be listed there! Spotify would be a good place to start!


Huawei Launches Seeds For The Future 2021 in the Philippines

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The good people over at Huawei Philippines has just launched their Seeds for the Future program this 2021 in the Philippines. This was witnessed today by over 100 students, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Teodoro Locsin, the CHED Chairman, the Chancellor of the University of the Philippines and representatives from over 20 colleges and universities in the country. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs lauded Huawei for launching their CSR program for the benefit of ICT talents in the region that they have been helping since 2008. Currently, Huawei Seeds for the Future has benefited over 9,000 individuals across the globe as we prepare for a more digital way of doing business and cultivating ICT expertise where over 100 students have already benefited from in the country alone. This is Huawei’s initiative to make sure that knowledge, skills and capabilities are of the same level with the other countries in the subjects of 5G, AI and Cloud Computing. Huawei’s Jay Chen marks that this is the start of what Huawei will dedicate for the region as they will be allocating 50 million dollars just for this purpose. They will be undergoing an 8 day training this year. The Philippines is certainly going to be part of that growth and I hope that those who will be chosen would be able to teach other talented Filipinos too because we’ve got good scientists and engineers this side of the world!


ADM Launches Wisium Premix Line in the Philippines

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Just got off the afternoon press conference of Wisium. They're from ADM, leaders of producing animal nutrition. They're experts in premix products and services including feeds, which has been a really great need in industrial farming and food production.

ADM's Eric Carfi says "Today, ADM is an established brand for both food and feed. We started in 2018 for swine, poultry and aqua business. Wisium is here in a global approach. We have expanded in China and Vietnam, we are also growing in the Philippines. We are positioned in the country's animal and local livestock industry. The potential of growth in the Philippines is still here, very attractive for us. The people are focusing on quality, very hard for local players, you need to invest on technology and this is why Wisium partners with individuals in the country. The way we are seeing the market is by partnering with people, we want to be a top player in Asia and the Philippines. We want to be the one to support them, give them the ability to plan and make a difference."

Wisium is going to produce Micro and Macro Premix, Near Infrared Technologies, WeanUp Concepts and Natural AGP Alternatives for the country.

Francois Fernandez of ADM says "We are really expanding our expertise around the globe, we are bringing technology for producing feeds for animals. To be able to do these premix, we would be able to provide this for Filipinos in the long run."

Dr. Eski Equivel of wisium PH says "The opening of our Wisium nutrition line is timely and essential especially for the agricultural country of the Philippines. We currently have the Wisium Premix Plant in Cagayan Valley Road in San Rafael Bulacan. Because we have a plant here, we are nearer the customers. We are using raw materials, our own laboratories so farmers can benefit from it. The pandemic really got us hang because of the shipments, we now focus on local ingredients in production and we can do it here in wisium."

ADM Managing Director Lorenzo Mapua says "We commit ourselves to provide local our customers with quality and locally produced feeds. The new premix line we produce in Bulacan can do customized solutions, as prices increase in the market, wisium provides options to maintain certain requirements for farms across the country. We're a new brand but we're backed up by ADM's expertise, someone who has technology and can make Philippine agriculture more profitable, feed more Filipinos. Wisium is already out in the market but we will produce it here in the Philippines in around a month wherein we can customize solutions. This will also be generating a few jobs as this is automated and consistent. We will have a one to one approach so we can talk to the farmers and help them to become successful."

The investments include a local approach, research and development that may have not been initially available in the country. Wisium is offering nutritionists from local and international offices, services that raw materials are above standard, make sure that diet for the animals promote optimum growth. They also have additives made, all natural for egg layers to increase production rate for farming. They make sure you get the genetic potential of your farm animals. Wisium might cost higher, but the benefits outweigh all the result. The swine industry has been met by challenges and this can be a start for smart production. They are connecting to clients via digitalization, agriculture is a necessity and the need to eat is important. That's a food security issue answered, with the African Swine Fever that affected pork sources, the need to be efficient in production is important. They have to lessen expenses and this has what Wisium is doing to be able to address these issues.

The quality they are bringing is impressive. They make the difference by listening to the farmers and they know what they can improve. They've been in the country since 2018 and they're ready to release all the products of Wisium in the Philippines.