Your Mission: Accomplish #PayMayaPayDaySave Steps and Get Php 1,500

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Money doesn't really grow on trees these days and as soon as you see an opportunity to earn some, why not do it right? Well our friends from PayMaya are in a giving mood now, so they're giving you a chance to get Php 1,500 worth of cashback by just following a few things. See if it fits you!

This November 8-17, you must complete these steps to earn it. First, pay for your Meralco bill via the Bills Payment optins on your Paymaya app. You can get Php 500 worth of savings if it's the first time you are paying for it in the app.Second, just simply Cash In on your Lazada Wallet. If you use your PayMaya to cash in at least 2K bucks, you'll get 10% cashback (til Php 500). Step 3, you can get Php 500 if you purchase Php 300 on the PayMaya Shop, Send 1K worth up to three other PayMaya users, then Cash In at least 2K on your Lazada wallet. You can do all these on PayMaya. There's a dedicated mission button on your PayMaya app that indicates if you've done the deed. It'll be fun and you can earn the cashbacks afterwards, who wouldn't love that right?

Make sure you follow the directions to a T so you can earn that much. It's no rocket science, getting one or two done would be nice too.


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