Lifebuoy and Philippine Red Cross Push for 4 Point Hygiene Agenda

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Even before this arrived in the mail, I must say, I've grown an affinity to the soap brand trusted by families around the world, that's Lifebuoy. As various businesses are going back to normal, I'm sure people are raring to go outside but of course, we shouldn't forget how to protect ourselves from an unseen enemy. The government offices and doctors recommend hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting, which the good folks at Lifebuoy have done quite well doing during these very difficult years.

Honestly, I know there are tons of soaps out there that actually have the same features, but the way they make Lifebuoy these days, just smells amazingly good. Last year, they campaigned for proper handwashing.. that really helped a lot of individuals who struggle and ask themselves if its enough. Filipinos want something easy, something that really works. Lifebuoy has Aciv Silver+ technology that helps fight 99.0% of germs.

They want to help even more this year so together with the Philippine Red Cross, they're pushing for a 4 point hygiene plan so you could be empowered especially the youth. They call it #4TheFuture, and it's easy to follow!

1. Wear that mask. It has proven to lessen the spread of the virus, and even if government restrictions has eased, please be kind, protect yourselves, your loved ones, and other people.

2. Practice social distancing. You may be innocently just buying grocery, lining up in a government agency, or riding public transportation. No matter where it ease, the distance makes it hard to spread the virus so again, be kind.

3. Get that jab. It has been proven that vaccines work. It also has lessen deadly effects of the virus so be a responsible citizen and get that vaccine.

4. Wash your hands and do it regularly. The easiest way to get rid of the virus is quite simple, and we have to do it regularly. There are a lot of things we can get in surfaces and if you're prone to touching your face often, that's not going to be safe. Make sure you do!

Now it ain't impossible to be a Lifebuoy Ambassador, they have a program for it. Just sign up at and tell other people about Do The Lifebuoy #4TheFuture 4 point hygiene agenda. Tell them about it in any way you like, not just in social media. You can also get Lifebuoy in leading supermarkets, groceries, even online in Shopee and Lazada. You may see information about this in their Facebook page so just search for Lifebuoy Philippines, it's all there! They've got lots of products like body wash, alcohol, and of course, soaps and liquid soap for handwashing. Been loving it so far, you will too!


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