UNFILTERED Launches Gentle Peel Line and New Website

Monday, November 15, 2021

Looks like UNFILTERED is raring to get more products out there as they launch a new line called UNFILTERED Gentle Peel. In an event this morning, they also announced the launch of their new website UnfilteredSkinIndustry.com.

CEO Rina Navarro says "I'm so happy to be with you guys today. We are launching 2 things now, Luna Garcia has been working hard with this and our team. We developed products to address skin issues, our clients need it and we studied even more, passed requirements with the FDA so we're sure it is safe for the skin. I want to thank you as we continue to deliver products as we hear more of your feedback."

Ms. Kristine Nieto the Unfiltered Marketing Head "We now have our more responsive, more simplified website all on https://www.unfilteredskinindustry.com/. It's been a while since we've prepared for the launch and it's the easiest way to order online. You can simply choose, check out and pay for the merchandise. All the information about the products are also listed on the website."

Aside from that, the want you to look good during the holidays as they launch the new "Peeling Off Gentle Peel Kit". Luna Garcia says "The Gentle Peel Kit is the latest addition to the UNFILTERED line of products. This has been in product development for a while now, and now it's finally here. The kit contains a see through pouch, the Brightening & Pore Refining Soap (90g), the Activating Toner (60ml), the Whitening with SPF 45 (10g), the Peeling & Renewing Cream (10g), Firming & Age Defying Glow Cream (10g). It kinda smells like cotton candy and is easy to use. Like the name says, it gently peels off skin. Downtime is around 2 weeks and by then, you'll see change happen. It can also be used by any skin types, it's already available in the website. It's also available in Shopee and soon in Lazada. Be warned that chemical peeling is recommended for adults only. Do a skin patch test to make sure you're not allergic, but this has been FDA approved. You'll see removal of dead skin cells, recommended to exfoliate once a year. The kit costs Php 899.00. You use the soap, rinse it out and tap it dry. Use the toner by dabbing it on skin. Then use the peeling cream to soothe the skin and blemishes, then use the age defying cream at night. If you're leaving the house, use the whitening day cream."


Make sure you visit their website UnfilteredSkinIndustry.com and their social channels, just search for Unfiltered Skin Industry.


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