An Extraordinary Workshop for GMA Artists with Howie Severino

Saturday, November 20, 2021

When an artist undergoes workshops, it usually means they'll be learning more about singing, dancing, interacting with other actors and acting. A few days ago, an unconventional one happened virtually with no less than the award winning journalist and broadcaster Howie Severino.

Mr. Severino held a masterclass about Baybayin which is an acient writing system. He's very passionate about teaching this to others as people reading and writing it remains scarce. He says "I'm very happy that I get to meet all of you, not just because you are artists, but you are also culture bearers. You carry our identities as Filipinos, it's a good thing you're learning how to do Baybayin. You get to be looked up to by generations that kept the writing form alive. It's a huge undertaking but we have to start somewhere, now that includes you!"

This is part of GMA Artist Center's efforts called "Ang Breakout Room: Masterclass Series" which they'll be doing on a regular basis for home grown artists and celebrities. Artists who were included in the roster included First Lady Sanya Lopez, the beloved Farrah in Legal Wives Bianca Umali, Kyline Alcantara who probably is being swooned by Mavy Legaspi, Lexi Gonzales who just released a single, Radson Flores and Matt Lozano who's excited for Voltes V Legacy, artists Claire Castro, Royce Cabrera, Zonia Mejia, Jamir Zabarte, Joaquin Manansala, Jen Maravilla, Jr Royol, Migs Villasis, Hannah Arguelles, Bryce Eusebio, Gab Yabut, Elias Point, Allen Ansay, Lia Salvador, Dentrix Ponce, Dave Duque, Kirsten Gonzales, Kimson Tan, Lime Aranya, Levince Sotto and Rain Matienzo all learned the ropes in how to read and write with Baybayin just on that day.

Howie also shared how this would impact their families, their community and the next generation. I wonder what GMA Artist Center has under their sleeves after this one. It sounds so exciting!


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