FRESH TIME with BT21 Out Now!

Monday, November 15, 2021

I'm quite sure you've seen it on my YouTube channel, IG and Tiktok. With your love for BT21, I'm sure you've enjoyed what came out today. Our friends from FRESH Philippines made skincare fun with these special limited edition BT21 products they fondly call FRESH TIME with BT21. They have partnered with LINE FRIENDS and have come out with really awesome skincare goods that's not only effective, but feels and smells great!

This was done for you UNIVERSTAR BT21 lovers, but of course, there's more because they are also going to give you new cute collectibles that has those lovable UNIVERSTAR BT21 characters you adore.

This is the Soothing Gel Lotion in JEJU ALOE ICE and TOMATO GLASS SKIN variant

You need your skin to be moisturized and FRESH Philippines has got you covered with these two varieties of Soothing Gel Lotions. One is Jeju Aloe ice that's got TheraCool Complex, Niacinamide, Centella Asiatica that moisturizes, reduces inflammation,and has anti oxidant properties. The other one is Tomato Glass Skin which has the ability to retain water keeping your skin supple via the Hyaluronic Acid and Arbutin to take out sun spots.

It's also available in mini versions like this 120ml sachet that's easy to carry around the pocket and more affordable. I prefer this Watermelon Youthful Bliss among the variants because it has Therafirm Complex that fights signs of aging. Best of all, this smells sweet like real watermelon too! (My personal favorite)

They also have these 70% Ethyl Alcohol Solution in different scents. They call it ALCOSPRAY and is available in Cosmic Wonder (Purple) 100mL, Interstellar (Green) 100mL, Starburst (Red) 100mL, Supernova (Orange) 100mL, Interstellar (Apple Green) 500mL, Supernova (Blue) 500mL.

FRESH with BT21 70% Ethyl Alcohol Solution Alcosprays makes sure surfaces and your hands remain 99.9% germ free. It also has bacteria killing properties, but has aloe vera so skin remains soft while using it.

They also have a smaller version with a clamp on it which you can use for traveling. You can simply clip it on your bag and go.

For serious collectors, there are photo cards that you can get (there are 7 different kinds) for every Php 499 purchase. 

I highly recommend the Soothing Gel Lotions. They smell like real fruits!

FRESH Philippines will also have selected products on 50% OFF so this is the best time to get them all. Remember, this only happens from November 15-21 and is available in FRESH.PH and You can also check out FRESH Philippines social channels for information about their upcoming releases. They've had us on the edge of our seats about a rumored Mask Case and Tote Bag to add to their BT21 merch. That's amazing news!


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