Huawei Holds TECH DAY 2021 to Power Digital Philippines

Friday, November 12, 2021

It was a celebrative mood over at Huawei Philippines as they launch TECH DAY 2021 last November 11th. It was a time to see how companies are spearheading ICT innovations as they continue to build more digital infrastructures in the Philippines.

The digitalization was forced because of the pandemic, but it has done that 10 years ahead in the Asia Pacific according to management firm McKinsey. They attribute survival to resilience and having more of it especially in complex businesses in the country. Huawei's Director of Enterprise Business Department Todd Liu says "Digital trasnformation is vital in office work, next is production and third is its effects in enterprise. This is also the same goals that DICT holds and Huawei wants this to be the same ideals that we want our partners and loyal customers to have as we cooperate and build digital structures that power a more digital Philippines."

We recently published an article showing the Intelligent World 2030 report a few months back. It contains that we'll have 200 Billion connections by that year. Huawei will continue to innovate as long as there is something to be sensed, connected and have something to do with AI. Union Bank's CIO Dennis Omila who also spoke at the event says that this is one of the reasons why they chose to partner with Huawei with their UnionBank Innovation Campus. More companies will partner with Huawei together with other industries in the Philippines.


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