ADM Launches Wisium Premix Line in the Philippines

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Just got off the afternoon press conference of Wisium. They're from ADM, leaders of producing animal nutrition. They're experts in premix products and services including feeds, which has been a really great need in industrial farming and food production.

ADM's Eric Carfi says "Today, ADM is an established brand for both food and feed. We started in 2018 for swine, poultry and aqua business. Wisium is here in a global approach. We have expanded in China and Vietnam, we are also growing in the Philippines. We are positioned in the country's animal and local livestock industry. The potential of growth in the Philippines is still here, very attractive for us. The people are focusing on quality, very hard for local players, you need to invest on technology and this is why Wisium partners with individuals in the country. The way we are seeing the market is by partnering with people, we want to be a top player in Asia and the Philippines. We want to be the one to support them, give them the ability to plan and make a difference."

Wisium is going to produce Micro and Macro Premix, Near Infrared Technologies, WeanUp Concepts and Natural AGP Alternatives for the country.

Francois Fernandez of ADM says "We are really expanding our expertise around the globe, we are bringing technology for producing feeds for animals. To be able to do these premix, we would be able to provide this for Filipinos in the long run."

Dr. Eski Equivel of wisium PH says "The opening of our Wisium nutrition line is timely and essential especially for the agricultural country of the Philippines. We currently have the Wisium Premix Plant in Cagayan Valley Road in San Rafael Bulacan. Because we have a plant here, we are nearer the customers. We are using raw materials, our own laboratories so farmers can benefit from it. The pandemic really got us hang because of the shipments, we now focus on local ingredients in production and we can do it here in wisium."

ADM Managing Director Lorenzo Mapua says "We commit ourselves to provide local our customers with quality and locally produced feeds. The new premix line we produce in Bulacan can do customized solutions, as prices increase in the market, wisium provides options to maintain certain requirements for farms across the country. We're a new brand but we're backed up by ADM's expertise, someone who has technology and can make Philippine agriculture more profitable, feed more Filipinos. Wisium is already out in the market but we will produce it here in the Philippines in around a month wherein we can customize solutions. This will also be generating a few jobs as this is automated and consistent. We will have a one to one approach so we can talk to the farmers and help them to become successful."

The investments include a local approach, research and development that may have not been initially available in the country. Wisium is offering nutritionists from local and international offices, services that raw materials are above standard, make sure that diet for the animals promote optimum growth. They also have additives made, all natural for egg layers to increase production rate for farming. They make sure you get the genetic potential of your farm animals. Wisium might cost higher, but the benefits outweigh all the result. The swine industry has been met by challenges and this can be a start for smart production. They are connecting to clients via digitalization, agriculture is a necessity and the need to eat is important. That's a food security issue answered, with the African Swine Fever that affected pork sources, the need to be efficient in production is important. They have to lessen expenses and this has what Wisium is doing to be able to address these issues.

The quality they are bringing is impressive. They make the difference by listening to the farmers and they know what they can improve. They've been in the country since 2018 and they're ready to release all the products of Wisium in the Philippines.


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